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Friday, May 20, 2011


The foto friday challenge this week was "beauty in the ugly"
I picked out two of my photos from our trip to the Dominican Republic.

The ugly of course is the need. The tumble-down shacks standing in water.
The beauty is that they are THANKFUL for what they have.
THEY are THANKFUL for a "home" even if it is 7+ people living in one room.
Even if the walls are barely standing and at high tide they have up to 6" of water standing in their "home"
THEY are THANKFUL and that, my friends...is a beautiful thing.
May we all be so thankful.
May we all rejoice in what we have.

With all my heart -


  1. That was something that stuck out to me about the Dominican too. We honeymooned there. . . oh. . . 6.5 years ago??? The poverty was so amazing. . . and the people were sooooo happy it was incredible. What do we have to complain about??

  2. Their need is an ugly truth but I think the beauty in this situation is...all of you who went there. I think it is beautiful the way they are standing together, arm-in-arm in your picture.Did you go on a mission trip or just a
    "fun" trip?

  3. These are wonderful. To be so happy even in those circumstances. We should all be so grateful!

  4. Love these photos!!! I know what you mean! I recently visited Haiti...

  5. this was one of our mission trips :)
    My husband and daughter are praying about going back next month.