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I am a momma of 6 :) I have one grand-daughter who is 2 and a half and one who is 9 months!!...my youngest son is 6 months younger than the older one and 1 year older than the baby :) We homeschool and we are always on the go! I like to joke and say we are "addicted to chaos"! Long story short - we are parents of kiddos every age imaginable (almost) and like everyone else...We're learning as we go along! Thank the Lord...He's forgiving and LOVING - 'cause we're truly undeserving of all the wonderful gifts He's given to us!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy end of 2010!

Lets see...Last January found me a thousand months pregnant (nope...just felt like it) and on January 13 Malachi was born. I had 12 weeks maternity leave and it felt like it would last forever - was wonderful but..it FLEW by!

In one year we've added two little new people to our family :) - Malachi AND Jazmine.
Baby and grandbaby!

Our 19 year old daughter is now being "courted" by a young man in Ohio.
(Dad has decreed that January 2011 is officially "correspondence month" - NO more than 1/2 hour on the phone a day - all other must be hand written letters - this is HUGE!!!)

Our 16 year old played his first year of football for a local private school - he LOVED it and is super serious about getting into shape and practicing DAILY for next year!

Our 10 year old is quite the outdoors kid! He got a moped for Christmas from friends and he is on it NON stop (when he's not out climbing trees or fishing at the end of the road!)

Our 7 year old is the official side-kick for the 10 year old (pete and repeat!)
Although he has NO FEAR and often does things that turns my hair gray! "Does all his own stunts!"

The baby is now approaching 1 year old and is starting to dance when he hears music (love it!!) and thinks he is running simply because he throws his hands behind him.

"Dad" is working on being healthy. Has lost a lot of weight (grrr why is it always so easy for guys?! ;0) and is concentrating on HEALTH not weight!!! Is working with the 16 year old with weight training and reaping the benefits as well! ;)

Our oldest son is still trying to find himself (sigh) and has had a difficult year. I pray that now that he has TWO daughters he will realize his responsibilities and live up to them....not avoid them. He is a hard worker and a smooth talker. We know he is going to be something WONDERFUL as soon as he lets God work through him. His girlfriend (we stress WIFE after having 2 kids together)is a hard worker and a good mama. She is new to all this - so it hasn't been easy. (and she had NO example from her childhood - so she is doing WONDERFULLY considering...)

Nina is 18 months old now - quite the busy little miss :) I love her more than I thought possible. Being a mema is the BEST!!
Jazzy is 1 week. Looks like a little eskimo baby. Can't seem to get enough of her either! "total mema love" I tell you!!!

Our lawn care business is growing very well. This was a venture that was suggested by our 16 year old. Officially owned by he and dad!

I am still at the office job. There are most days when I love LOVE LOVE the job. It is a mission at heart. It helps so many people! But of course there are days when I find it takes minute by minute concentration because my heart is wanting to be home with my babies. Life takes so many twists and turns.....I KNOW that God provided this job and I AM thankful for it.
I hope to learn to make soap this year :) - somewhat worried about it because it requires handling caustic materials (you should have seen me ordering lye!!)
And I guess just the usual - "be a better christian, wife, mom, friend, worker etc.."
- wow you'd be amazed at how many times I had to re-order that list before I thought it was right! -

Oh and I hope to start my book this year. Maybe that's not commitment enough. Maybe I should say I PLAN on writing each week on my book?! better huh?!
And of course blogging - :)

So...as we wrap up 2010...all I can say is WOW time sure flies huh?!?!

Give all your loved ones....well...... LOVE and LOTS OF IT!!
KNOW that we will NEVER regret time spent WITH our loved ones - just the times we missed out on!

With all my heart ~

Monday, December 27, 2010


Just had a minute to stop by and zip a blog letter to you all -
The ENTIRE FAMILY is home with the winter sicko olympics!
STOMACH FLU has everyone down and out! - NOT the way I had pictured our Christmas!
(I am the "last man standing" as I have not gotten it yet and please pray that I dont!!)
So I am headed home from work - to nurse the ill oh and also to zip over for x-rays for my 7 year old's hand (he fell out of a tree! On Christmas! - he's a 7 year old boy! nuff said huh!?! :)
We really did have a nice time when everyone wasn't stuck in a bathroom...or perhaps puking into the bushes outside (when a bathroom wasn't available...sorry neighbors! Merry Chrismas!) :}
Yeah..yuck huh?!
Sigh....thus our year ends....hope 2011 begins with EVERYONE healthy and happy :)

Much love to you all - and NO sickness okay?! We got this covered - no need to copy us! :)

With All my heart ~

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Could just be one of the bestest Christmas presents ever...EVER!

May I introduce Ms. Jazmine Leigh G

Over 8 pounds and 21" long

12/21/2010 at 2:40 in the afternoon she made her debut and stole our hearts.

She comes home today and her big sister (Nevaeh Leigh G) is excited to meet her!

It's amazing how much love a heart can hold. Just when you think you couldn't possibly have anymore joy. Any more total LOVE - God proves you wrong :)
and just makes your heart bigger and fuller.

She's perfect I tell you - PERFECT!
(but this is just one mema's humble opinion :)


Monday, December 20, 2010

Pancake Breakfast with Santa - Babywearing style

Malachi was enamoured with Santa. Not afraid. Not shy.
He was delighted (perhaps it was the few bites of pancakes he got to sneak in first)
but I was so very excited that he LOVED the entire day.
The baby sling you see on my arm was the "free" one I blogged about awhile back - I've never had one like it - WE LOVE IT.
(sigh....get to baby #6 and suddenly discover how wonderful they are?!)
Maybe it's the first one that really fit right?
Yesterday we WENT and WENT all day long- He went and went right along with mama - in the sling. He snacked, He slept, he looked and touched the soft material at the fabric store - all from my side.
It was the perfect way to spend the day with him.

I'm gonna be out tomorrow - for the very best of reasons!!!
I'm not totally sure of the spelling I think it' s Jazmine Leigh.
I can't wait to hold her and smell her "fresh from heaven" smell :)
I'll be back with pics!
Merry Christmas dear friends -
Don't forget to leave comments on the giveaway blog of mine!!
The "surprise" boxes are looking super! :)

With all my heart~
Michelle :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

70th post

Okay - for no better reason than this is my 70th post :)
And it's a Thursday
and...I just really want to have a giveaway....
drumroll please..........................................................


The major "I'm from Florida so I don't get snow" surprise giveaway.

There will be three packages. THREE!!

Each one will be fabulous :) (like those wonderful grab-bags I used to beg for as a kid)
So...here's the rules -
1 entry for each comment left here.
3 entries if you or a friend are a new "follower" of this blog
(That would be 3 entries for you AND three for the friend if they come here because of you...!)! (just be sure to tell me in the comments :) OH AND TO MAKE IT FUN AND INTERESTING
************REMEMBER TO TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT MAKES YOU...YOU!*******************************************
(like I can't stand ink on my skin - pet peve big time! I'd never deal well with a tattoo :)
3 entries if you blog about this super duper fabulouso giveaway and link back here.

Okay I'm a bit worked up now :) lol

So.......once again......for your chance to win....
I will be giving away 3 separate surprise boxes to three lucky winners!! full of fun stuff!

can you hear the holiday party music???
Drawing will be December 22nd at noon!!!

(so packages should get to you by the new year!)
GO GO GO!!!!!

With all my heart~ :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

and the crowd goes wild...................


I have my Christmas stuff wrapped and packaged and sent BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!
I've been married 25 years!

This is BIG stuff people!
Now...the christmas cards are an entirely different situation and YES many may not get them until January...
(it's the thought that counts right? lol)

It only too me 25 years to master one thing....
By the year 2035 I should be an ace at cards too :)

Merry Christmas!!

With all my heart ~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anniversary Celebration & Giveaway right...over...here....

greentwiggy.blogspot.com (I can't get it to link!)

Is having a 1st anniversary celebration today!
With....A GIVEAWAY!!!
Be sure to go over and check it out! (I'm sorry blogger isn't working with me...It shows as a link when I'm editing..but disappears when I "publish" grrr)
Please go over there and check it out......You'll be glad you did!

I'm thinking of having a giveaway here!..... Something fun. Something fabulous....
Something from Florida (sorry - no snow...although it WAS 32 here last night and let me tell you - that RARELY happens here!!!)

But for today - go see what green twiggy has to show ya! - 2 neat prizes to choose from! :)

P.S. I'm better today than yesterday. I was just venting you know. block it out. forget it - I'm trying to! :)

with all my heart~

Monday, December 13, 2010

a whiny kind of venting post (be warned....)

Sigh...I can feel it - it's that feeling of a crack starting....you know the kind that runs along and gets bigger and bigger whether you pay any attention to it or not?
I feel it happening.

I am gonna crack.
Work has been draining (this is the understatement of the year...and next person who says "be thankful you have a job" is gonna get it! I AM thankful....that's not the point! ;0)
I have VERY sick kiddos at home (and perhaps even worse...) a sick husband...
My stove went out (a while ago but it's really bothering me now that its cold out)
There is tension at home
tension at work
it is the holidays (sorry..not tension free)
my boys went into a closed up cement plant's property this weekend and played on the "mountains" and equipment (of course pretending....but they were trespassing (and YES they know better) now we have to deal with that....
My daughter (who is 19) is currently being courted by a guy all the way in Ohio - which means a LOT of cell phone time and texting..and it's wearing on all of us - especially her dad who has said ENOUGH and taken the phone during the daytime. TRAGEDY!!
I'm the "middle man" between their (seemingly non stop)disagreements right now.
I HATE IT. Have I mentioned I HATE it?
I don't know what to say to either of them when they start the "why does she...How come he..." and it just messes everything up!
I keep getting disgruntled calls at work - things Iam not even remotely involved with - and having people yell at me (or even yell TO me) about someone elses mistake.
I'm gonna crack.
(One time I got really mad and told my kids "don't talk to me...I'm gonna snap like a cracker!" to which my kids at the time got very quiet (smart) but later laughed like crazy about..because do crackers really snap? really?)
I'm gonna snap like a cracker people.
Just a warning.


Friday, December 10, 2010

fun and cheap - continued....


Now this is fun stuff - I sent one as a joke to all my girlfriends :)
Imagine their faces when they answer their phone and santa's talking to them.

it's free and good for a laugh.

Merry Christmas all!

With all my heart ~

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Christmas

or should I say MARY Christmas?
I often think of Mary at Christmas time (especially last year when I was about 28 and a half months pregnant)
What a good mama
What a sacrifice
All who once loved her then looked with scorn, or at best just pity.
No one to talk to about what she felt, nausea, heartburn, braxton hicks....
No baby shower no family celebrations.....
Just knowing that this beautiful moving, kicking baby of love inside her was going to come....to grow..to love...to die.
The very thought makes me cry.
As a mother we do our best.
We never know how long we have with anyone... with any of our children - all who are precious to us...
We pray it all goes well.
She KNEW it would end with his death.
She KNEW that tiny baby suckling at her breast was the savior of the world.
That as much as any mama would die for her child....this child would love so much that He would die for EVERYONE.
Even the ugly unlovable sinful hateful violent....me
Every boo boo she kissed....she KNEW
Every flower she received as a gift from her little boy
Every drawn picture
Every celebrated holiday...

Please Please God let me be a good mama - Please let me love unconditionally and teach my children to do the same.
Please let me always remember what a blessing each child is and to value the TRUE message of Christmas.

The ultimate love.
in a manger....
swaddled and loved...
come to love.
even me.


Mary Christmas.

With all my heart!~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Is having a baby leg warmer give away :)
The link is to the most fascinating site -
Why had I NEVER heard about the benefits of amber OR the benefits of hazelwood?
It was fascinating to read about and I am looking forward to recieving the items I ordered (more christmas stuff check check off that list!)
Make sure to stop by and check out the Stam Family blog and zip over to the Finn Online shop!
The following is just some info copied from the Finn site...fascinating!

It relieves or prevents ailments such as ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, acne), arthritis, constipation, migraines, sensitive & bleeding gums, helps reduce dental cavities and more. These necklaces are a great remedy for heartburn and nausea during pregnancy!
Hazelwood necklaces are made from the branches of a hazelwood tree alternated with glass and/or gemstone beads for ornamentation. They are handmade - from the gathering of the wood to the stringing of the beads.

So....now that you have a taste of what I'm referring to - go go go! :)

With all my heart~

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Did you ever get all geared up to post a NEW POST and then stop short because you wonder....What in the world do I have to say that anyone needs to hear?!

Well I don't blog because I think my opinion is so important that you MUST hear it :)
I don't blog because I think I know anything - and whew...the older I get the less I know believe you me! :)

So...why do I blog?
Maybe because I read several blogs and I think...I AM NOT ALONE!!! :)
So...maybe that's what I'm hoping for you (me) (you know what I mean)

So....I wanted to do the MUCH LESS COMERCIAL CHRISTMAS this year...and I'm failing miserably.
I want people to know how loved they are with home-made stuff..but then I get panicky when I don't have a "GIFT" to give them.
I just can't get over the "TOTAL BAD PARENT...F.A.I.L.U.R.E" feeling that I KNOW I'd feel if I gave them a sparkly glitter pinecone and told them "It's your gift - because I love you and I'm not crafty enough to make a GOOD gift" lol.
I'm sure that somehow makes me a bad person.
I'm not hand-crafting all my presents.
I'm not giving only gifts like.... a goat for an village.... or a well....
I'm baking like a lunatic (and I'm on this fabulous yet STRICT diet)
I'm buying even cheap stuff so that the kids will have "stuff" (no they don't need stuff...but somehow I worry that they do)
I'm taking off a few afternoons because of my mom guilt of working full time...to do things with the kiddos.
I DID try to order things from my blogger friends who WERE making stuff :) That felt good :)

I thought I could do it differently this year.
I did. (think so)
I'm just having a hard time pulling it off any way other than the way we've always done it.
"family traditions"
maybe if I start with just ONE new family tradition.....

What do you suggest?:)
Are you too having a tough time reigning in the "christmas madness"
I keep thinking...two ways...1.) it's only the 7th OR 2.) OH my goodness it's only 18 days till Christmas!!

With all my heart~

Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Christmas ideas :) HOT SNOWFLAKES!

Oh these were on the Martha web site too - and I have to admit - I love them :)


these fit all my holiday ideals - cheap easy fast oh and they look really really yummy :)

I have a friend who is celebrating advent by having red and green food tonight....
I'm gonna zip over an tell her to do these and ad in bits of red and green pepper!
(Way better than my red and green m&m idea since I'm hungry! :)

I think I'm gonna tell my kids we're having "HOT SNOWFLAKES" for dinner - they'll have NO idea! :)

Much love this holiday season!

With all my heart ~

p.s. the picture is a lifescience PHOTO of a real snowflake - please take a moment to notice the heart that God put there in the middle :) This of course was JUST because He loves us so!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Delicious and super easy recipe!!

Okay - THANK YOU to allrecipes.com for the "official recipe" for these....
LET ME TELL YOU....these are our family FAVORITE! :)
It's insane how easy they are - but for us that meant that even the little ones could help!
The "chocolate covered caramel" we use are "rollos" candy (I even saw them at the "everything's a dollar store" the other day!!
and we have used whatever nut we have on hand (almonds - yum - peanuts - yum - walnuts - yum...you get the picture :)


20 small mini pretzels
20 chocolate covered caramel candies
20 pecan halves

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C).
2. Arrange the pretzels in a single layer on a parchment lined cookie sheet (**you can just use tin foil..we do!!**)
Place one chocolate covered caramel candy on each pretzel.
3. Bake for 4 minutes. While the candy is warm, press a pecan half onto each candy covered pretzel. Cool completely before storing in an airtight container

VIOLA! You're done!
SO easy - SO yummy....These make a nice gift for neighbors and friends too!

So...that's my "cheapo fabuloso" Holiday idea for the day!

Don't forget I'm still posting comments about the cheap/fun craft ideas!!

With all my heart~

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Frugal Christmas :)

Okay - I'm going to be searching high and low for frugal Christmas decorations/crafts/recipes/traditions :)
I've come across one that I LOVE.
As I find more...I'll let you know in the comments section below :)
If you see any or have any ideas - please share!!
so...here's my first one:


Oh...it's economical...it's fun...it's beautiful...
(and no..I'm not usually a huge "martha" fan :)
Merry Christmas all!

With all my heart ~

Monday, November 29, 2010


Okay...I hope it's okay to forward this info to all my baby wearing friends.....I just got one for a total of $15 and change (Merry Christmas to me!!)
Hope you all can use this info! :)
I just copied and pasted the info from my email.......
Christmas Promo Code for a Free Baby Carrier!
Hi M,

Seven™ Slings wants to wish a Merry Christmas with this promo code for a free baby carrier (a $48 value) at www.sevenslings.com! The promo code is "babies".

Go to www.sevenslings.com, click on "Shop Now" and select any baby carrier you would like (be sure to go to their sizing page so you can get the right size carrier for you). Once you have selected your size, you will automatically be directed to the "shopping bag" where you can enter the promo code "babies". This promo code will take off 100% of the baby carrier purchase and all you are required to pay are the shipping fees.

They make great holiday and new mother gifts - get an early start on your shopping so you can relax and spend quality time with family and friends during the season! Holiday shopping and preparations always dwindle selections quickly - so please hurry!

You can use the promo code more than once however you will need to open a new browser to do so!

Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Okay - thats a stock picture off the internet - it's beautiful though isn't it?!
I think it shows many blessings ;)
Happy Happy Thanksgiving blogfriends!
I have SO much to be thankful for.....
Health - joy - family - friends - work - food - safety - peace - love - love - love -
I pray that each and everyone who stumbles across this blog will have a wonderful wonderful FABULOUS THANKSGIVING FILLED WITH LOVE AND LAUGHTER.



Please pray

This morning we received a call. My mother in law is sick in the hospital. Possibly a stroke. We don't know much. at. all.
But we ARE praying. and we are asking everyone we know to do the same.
God is a mighty healer. He knows exactly what she needs.

Thank you all!

~with all my heart~

Monday, November 22, 2010

Close to you.............

Well - Malachi has officially learned to walk. Yes...he is still spending much time on his forehead (and has the bumps and bruises to show for it)!
I had a shirt on him the other day that said "I do all my own stunts" and it seemed appropriate.
I on the other hand will buy stock in hair coloring because it's giving me many many greys watching him learn.
He has been teeting also with big teeth in the back so he has been klingy!!!! He has been up close and personal all week!
I was so upset last week as he seems to have ZERO interest in nursing anymore....but only can be tricked into it in the middle of the night or when he's gotten a boo boo (which then this week was OFTEN!) go figure. He is CERTAINLY the kiddo that has changed all my RULES about breastfeeding though - "just when you thought you knew what you were doing" sigh.....
but honestly - it's great that he will go to Daddy or Sissy if he needs comforting...I just don't like sharing :)LOL I'll get used to it....maybe....possibly not though......:)
I will confess though that I'm now looking ahead at possibly having another....possibly ;) Lord willing.....Hubby is all for it :) The kiddos are asking for twins (um...one at a time is fine with me thank you :)but we are praying about it.
Life is good....children are a blessing.....even little "snapping turtles" who walk at 10 months are just too wonderful :)

With all my heart !

What about you...did you have a "rule" about childbirth/childrearing that was suddenly shattered when you had your own little rule breaker for a baby?! LOL
tell me! tell me!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Parenting 101 - NOT!!!

These my friends are actual ads from long ago.

Now....I have done some parenting that I now look back on and cringe....but this luckily is not one of them.

So....Just a reminder - just because it is highly recommended by the media - it MAY NOT be a good idea :)

Short and sweet today -
Happy Thursday gang!! :)
With all my heart ~

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~ Little angels ~

Today a dear family is mourning the loss of a pregnancy. Of a baby. Of a sibling.
Does anyone TRULY get over this? I don't think so. I think we may grow stronger....maybe we grow softer too - so that when we tell someone we understand...sadly we really really do.....
Our family has experienced this twice. It is heart shattering (Yes..even when we have "so many")and it leaves a part of you gasping for air..always..
I know that the things I wanted to hear were the same exact things I DID NOT WANT TO HEAR.
"it will be okay" "you can try again" "I'm sorry"
It doesn't make it better, but when people said nothing - it was somehow worse.
All I can say is that it takes time. (lame sounding I know)
time to "survive" really. You don't feel like anything is the same yet somehow you do survive. You hold your loved ones near and dear and attempt to comprehend "how and why" when often there are just no answers for that.
My prayers go out to all who are dealing with this today...or yesterday...or last year or 10 years ago. - The mommas, the daddys, you families who are aching.
I send you love and pray for blessings of healing for your hearts

With all of my heart~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes I don't understand

Okay....here's the story.....
My husband (who has SOOOOO much patience - seriously)
agreed to do a job for someone an hour away each month. (we have a landscaping biz)

Last month he went down...got over halfway done and the homeowner came out yelling saying he didn't want it done that day (already halfway done...um....)
So my husband was angry but kept his mouth shut and loaded up the equipment and the crew (this is a huge job so it takes 2 paid helpers each time) and headed out.
The very next week he was called back to do the job. They did it in full again.
Everyone who knows my husband KNOWS he's a perfectionist when it comes to work. (well maybe everything but DEFINITLY work! So each job is alway perfect when they leave.)
At that visit, the homeowner made an excuse as to why he couldn't pay but "would soon".

Yesterday my husband went again (new month)and as he has been praying a LOT about this man... they spent an extra 3 hours doing anything and everything they could. NONE of that extra 3 hours was included or agreed upon - but was FREE.
My husband also apologized to the homeowner for getting angry the last time. He told me later that he really wanted to treat people as God would WANT him to treat them.

Today I get a call from the homeowner telling me he "wanted me to know what a change of heart my husband had!"..... That he (my husband) had appologized and actually did the job correctly. "He caught up on the things he's been letting slide and it's about time!" I was stunned. He could NOT be turning this around! That was his "thank you"?!? He then said "You must have set him straight!" (WHAT kind of wife does he think I am??)
I told him "Dave's got a great heart - he goes ABOVE and BEYOND so often! - He does WAY more than people pay for and he does it with a kindness that I don't have!" He said "well I just wanted you to know he's getting straightened out" -
Oh Lord....I wanted to RAGE at him.
I wanted to yell and say "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??" You OWE us 2 months PLUS other money.....my husband does something so good, so kind and so noble and you turn it around to seem like you deserve it?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME??"
I am still teary about it (only because I cry when I am FUMING MAD)
Maybe when you do something nice and it is NOT appreciated it's the bigger gift.
I know my husband did it for God. I know God saw and knows and loves.
I know...
But as the wife it's hard to understand people sometimes.

Thanks for letting me vent.
~with all my heart~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome to my life

Here's some random quotes I've heard at my house JUST THIS WEEK!

I let my brother cut my hair! (slightly resembles a dutch boy at this point)

I spray painted my ear red!

The baby fell down and bumped his head when we were all watching our lizard eggs hatch.

I know where babies come from!

Hey mom...do you miss being young?

Wow you've got a big belly - are you having another baby? Can you have twins this time? (no...I've just had 6 so the belly stays :)

Are you and dad gonna kiss cause I will gag!


Mom.....Malachi needs a boobah (term for nursing)he's ugly without the boobah!

Look at my cheif (pronounced cheef instead of chafe) in between his legs followed by a "no shame" stance of touching his toes naked LOL

You're my favorite mom! (um.....)

and OH so many more - I'm gonna have to start keeping track - I'm sure I'll miss this "you never know what they're gonna say next" season in our life :)

~ With all my heart!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tagged - snagged and now singing songs in my head AGAIN!

Things are wonderful (no...that's not sarcasm you hear in my typing....actually that's amazing how did you HEAR that in my TYPING!? YOU ARE COOL!!!)
I'll confess, they're a little crazy - but aren't they always?

We went through that cough/cold thing a week or so ago and thank you LORD it only went through 1/2 of the family. (I know..I keep waiting to hear someone start up with croupiness...in the middle of the night...then I'll know it's just been lurking in the dirty laundry mountain...I mean pile :)


tagged me...so here goes :)
(p.s thank you for tagging me :) It felt like grade school where someone INTENTIONALLY picks you for their team :) -yeah it's one of THOSE days....LOL
little lonely being a mom sometimes ya know?!

4 Things in my Handbag:
FIRST OF ALL let me confess - I have a tiny little purse because if not...I will literally carry anything and everything in my purse!!
1. Hello kitty wallet
2. Grocery coupons (then I will wind up leaving my purse in the car anyways and NEVER remember to use them....) but they ARE there :)
3. Pictures of all my kiddos
4. 2 drivers licenses (DO NOT TELL LAW ENFORCEMENT! I was just told that this is a felony to have two....WHO KNEW?! I thought it was lost...then found it again after I went and spent an arm and a leg on a duplicate - I KNOW ME...I'LL LOOSE IT AGAIN!!

4 Things In/On my Desk:
1. More paperwork than I can emotionally handle today :)
2. Peacock feathers I found in the parking lot ( TREASURE!! as my boys say...)
3. Purell hand sanitizer...I work with the public...nuff said!
4. my cell phone

4 Favorite Things in my Bedroom:
1. 8.5x10 pictures of each of my kids (although...they're out of date..I've asked for new ones for Christmas :)
2. Our comfy comfy bed with a bazillion pillows (OH I AM SUCH A PILLOW FREAK!)
3. A painting we watched someone paint in San Francisco - my hubby bought it for me "Cause he knew I wanted it" :) love love love him!
4. A quilted comforter on the bed.

4 Things I Always Wanted To Do (But haven’t yet):
1. Write a book
2. Sing professionally
3. Have another baby - yes seriously!! Hey..did you KNOW some people have 8 and 10? (wink) I mean...really! I'm not an earthy crunchy baby-wearing weirdo who is the only one on the planet who sees the blessing of having a large family!!! WHO KNEW!!
4. Win the lottery - Hey..it's true! I DO want to do that! :) -now if I wouldn't be so cheap and actually BUY a ticket :)

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much At the Moment:
1. Nap-time. Often when I get home from work Malachi is just settling down for his 1/2 hour mini nap.....I'm so there!!
2. Having a day escape with the hubby - too easy to forget how much we LOVE each other when things are so busy - hate to take him for granted...
3. Blogging - LOVE it! Like a crack head waiting for those comments people!! LOL
4. Making apple butter and canning it...just did a TON last night - makes the house smell yummy!

4 Songs I Can’t Get Outta My Head:
1. The Alphabet rhyming song my sons put on repeat just to drive me insane :)
2. My My Malachi...(a song I made up for bed time :)
3. Baby Beluga - RAFFI
4. Don't stop believin - Journey

4 Things You Don’t Know About Me:
1. I yell- A LOT! If you are my neighbor you already know this... (I stole this when I copied and pasted it from another site - the one who tagged 8aplenty) It was just SO appropriate :)


2. I am the bad parent - my hubby is the best. (seriously....I've come to accept it LOL) Even my kids tell people - "Yeah my dad just looks mean...my mom IS!"
3. I HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO make little bubbles come out of the top of the dish soap container each time I wash dishes - I call them "luck bubbles" which is ironic because I don't particularly believe in luck :) But I will even resort to shaking the bottle up to make sure to get mini bubbles on the second try! FREAK RIGHT??
4. I cant STAND to have ink on me. I would NEVER handle a tattoo well - I won't even let my kids have ink on them (might explain why my oldest has many tattoos - don't even get me started! sigh....)

SO...that's it! Now I'm on to tag 4 others.....let's see...who wants to play tag?






With all my heart ~

Friday, November 5, 2010

If I know what I'm thinking...how come he doesn't? lol

Okay...I just posted this with only the title...I'm not sure even how to do that..but I'm NOW editing this.
I'm confessing this....to you....to myself...
I constantly think...."He does NOT listen to me!" (about of course my husband)
but something today made me realize....maybe I'm just expecting him to KNOW what I KNOW.....
Ya know?! :)
I knew we were on a deadline for something - I figured he knew it as well. I was rushing around like a crazy woman at lunch time - and he was in SLLLLOOOOOWWWW MO!
It was quite frankly making me crazy-er!
Finally I gave up in tears and he stopped me at the car as I was "LEAVING!!" and asked "why are you SO upset?" I sobbed the entire sentence - "I was TRYING to accomplish something on this FRIDAY - BEFORE the WEEKEND and now it won't get done till MONDAY...blah blah blah"
to which he replied "Why didn't you say so?"
UM......I'll be honest at this point usually I will make some off the cuff comment about "why don't you listen" but I realized....I DIDN'T say anything. He must have just thought I was rushing around for no apparent reason. It's not that he wasn't listening...it's that I wasn't communicating.

Does this happen to anyone else on the planet?
Doesn't it seem that we spend so much together we "assume" that they know what we know?
Ya know?

Have a blessed weekend my friends!!
Much Love

With All my heart~
gotta go appologize to him now (like swallowing dry sand) :)lol


Thursday, November 4, 2010

I saw another blog about "entitled" people.
It's such an ugly trait that we humans have - feeling "entitled" to absolutely anything....
How many times in traffic does someone cut me off and I'm angry about it?!
Do I show love then? UM...NO....
What about when someone in line at the grocery store has 30 items in the 10 item or less lane - do I show love to them? UM...not usually!
Do people REALIZE what an UGLY thing it is to assume that they are ENTITLED?

I receive hundreds of calls a day - I have dozens of appointments and the people who are genuine - the "real" people are a breeze compared to the ones who "demand"!

How often am I like that to God?!
Demanding what I feel I am "Entitled" to.......what I think I "deserve".......
what if I got what I really deserved??
Wouldn't that literally be Hell?! L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y?

How do you deal (show love to) those "sandpaper people" you know ....the ones who just rub ya the wrong way?!
Any suggestions?
Because at the end of days like this one was.........I really really wonder.......

I look forward to your insight.....

With all my heart ~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just to make you smile :)

Okay ...more pics
Malachi in his walker - "cheesy face"
Malachi and Remington (8 mo and 10)
Malachi and Maverick (8 mo and 6)
Malachi trying his hardest to get to our dog stitch - who is NOT dumb - he stays FAR enough away :) ****had to come back on and edit - I forget they show up in the opposite direction as you imput them onto your blog*** :)
and the first one - it's just something I saw and it made me laugh.
There are days when as a mom I feel like everything in my world exists around little kids - so this Thanksgiving pic made me giggle.

Hope you smile too!

With all my heart~

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nina bean telling Snap "no no" for touching her bike

Snapper touching her bike anyways

Having a drink of mama's water

Oh these are a few of my favorite things ;)


difficult days

Some days are difficult.
There was something I was COUNTING on (financially) that fell through.
then another thing fell through......
I am reeling because it's kinda like the rug being pulled out from under me.
Please keep our family in your prayers.
Some days are difficult.

With all my heart...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Way off.....

This past weekend we went to the big city and asked our 6(turning 7) year old where he would like to go for his birthday dinner.
Well he very excitedly yelled "RED...(insert sea-life here)"
Since I am complaining.....I'm not putting the whole restaurant name....
It's not like you can't get lobster just about anywhere here in South Florida anyways right? lol (wink...didja get it?)
So I cringed but thought....well there's only 2 adults and 2 kids so it's probably the cheapest time we could ever go to a fancy (for us anyways) restaurant.
Hubby gave the thumbs up so off we went.
We were greated by the big tank of Maine lobsters that the boys excitedly watched as we waited for our table.
When we were seated - the boys each picked popcorn shrimp (not too bad price wise) and we got a shrimp dish each - All in all the meal was pleasant service was soso.
When the boys were away at the bathroom (I think all kids have to "check out" the facilities at each restaurant - it' s some kind of unwritten rule)
I told the waitress that it was our son's birthday - so we'd like to do something at the end of the meal. She was all excited and said "oh okay! I've got it covered!"
So at the end of our meal...the baby was starting to be completely bored with the scene and she came up to give us our bill. I thought maybe she forgot so I said "Okay birthday boy...anything else?" to our son. He smiled and said "maybe dessert?" she said "I'll be right back" with this she disappears - ah HA! She's remembered (I thought) she came back with another waitress and they sang "Happy Birthday" and then handed me the bill and walked away. (no...NO cake...no dish of ice cream....-I DON'T EVEN EXPECT IT FOR FREE - I WOULD HAVE PAID FOR IT.....) SO my 6/7 year old smiled and said "that was nice!" - kind little kid that he is. I was not so happy!!!
I was upset. So we went to Walmart and let him pick out his own "cupcakes or little cake ...whatever" - great boy...picked out mini eclairs ;)lol
Anyways I felt bad because it was such a HUGE thing for him to pick out his place to eat and have it be a big "hurrah". not so much....
Oh well - We'll just have to do it up big for his home party with all the family :)
Proof that things are better at home anyways :)

With all my heart ~ thanks for letting me vent ;)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Oh this morning I came in to a dashboard of blogs I follow - and the theme seemed to be REALITY!
Now let me tell you I am NO fan of reality TV. It's because of those shows that the word "Reality" has been given a bad name! LOL
Yes...it could be because reality sometimes stinks...but...I digress....
So my blog today is called Get real!
I KNOW that thinking positive is wonderful - it causes beauty and love and ....yeah yeah I KNOW.
But there ARE those days when as women we just need to be REAL with ourselves - REAL with each other!

So here goes...
I tell my kids that if they think love is all roses and chocolates that they're sadly mistaken. That inevitably one day they will wake up next to the "love of their life" and think "HOLY COW HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" "I'M STUCK WITH THIS PERSON FOR LIFE??" I tell them that TRUE love is when you KNOW that's gonna happen and you ride those turbulent waves and ACTIVELY DECIDE to keep loving them. Because the tide does turn and you will eventually get the roses and chocolate kind of love (but really only if you GIVE that kind of love too!)

I REFUSE to let my kids date unless we have gone through the entire scenario of "IS THIS SOMEONE YOU WANT TO BE MARRIED TO FOR LIFE? LET'S IMAGINE......" Because - let's face it - that's the "purpose" of dating - if not - it's just to get attached to someone you have no business being with! - You'd be amazed how many "dates" were cancelled after this little exercise!

As the mom of 6 - my hubby is the better parent ( WAY more organized....they listen to him better....he says something and it's law!) me...I often threaten and then we all laugh at what I've said in anger. (Like the time I threatened to beat them with their own arms - yeah funny mind visual - not very effective!)

As the wife of 25 years we have had MORE than our share of crapola. But somehow we've survived. We are tougher because of it....but I'm hoping that like a roast....in the end it will be so darn tender you'll be amazed (LOL)

There are days when I want to run away.
I REALLY wish I had a best friend.
I REALLY wish that my hubby wasnt' ALWAYS right.
I REALLY wish I felt good at SOMETHING.
Anything....(well I DO love to sing...but it sure doesn't pay the bills:)

So - I'm not sure I have any "real" pictures - I probably delete those as soon as I gasp and look at them on the camera but if I do...they're attached :)
Okay oh wow ....in the christmas one I was 100 and a half months pregnant last year.....the other ones are just awful (real) lol - enjoy cause I'm deleting them as we speak......lol

With all my heart!~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is NOT a before and after pic LOL :)

I started the first day of the "couch to 5k" running program.

First of all my life saying has thus-far consisted of "you only run if something is chasing you and even then if you don't think you can stand tough and hurt it first"
so....when my friend (also plus sized & anti-exercise) DID this program and now thinks of herself as a runner - read.....runs 8+ miles a day (WHAT??)
I thought ........hmm.....maybe just maybe I could try it?!

so yesterday was day one....
now I'm not so sure that starting it on a day when I'm all snotty and croupy was the best idea - kinda my line of thinking was "how could I feel any worse?"
UM....yeah...it WAS possible.

who knew your heart could beat that hard and NOT jump out of your chest?

Seriously though....it was do-able!
I REALLY want to do this.
I can't remember the last time I was even relatively in shape. - well ROUND is a shape that's true.....
I have finally gotten past "hating" the way I look - I am SO very thankful that God gave me a body that has birthed 6 babies - that is truly a gift. This I know!
Now I'd like to get healthier - be able to play more with those 6 :)

So.....I'll be keeping you updated - and you can keep me going (just knowing that someone out there KNOWS what I'm doing will give motivation :)
Wish me luck - keep me in your prayers - next stop - 13 weeks to a 5K!?
yeah...still giggle when I say that - we shall see ;)

With all my heart ~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


OKAY - I have to be the first to say I can't even stand to LOOK at the above picture let alone begin to understand why I just purchased 1000 meal worms.
LOVE makes us do stupid things I think!? Yes?!
My hubby & kids have their little chicken project going and I just read about how if you raise meal worms you can cut the feed consumption in half. Seems like a great idea right?
Except the fact that I would rather personally feed the chickens with a fork and spoon than even TOUCH a meal worm. GAG GAG GAG........
Yeah....the funniest part about it is though....my daughter will be home to sign for those ONE THOUSAND wriggling worms from the mail lady within 2 days (sorry mail lady - note to self...buy something nice for the mail lady for christmas this year...)
My daughter is going to freak! LOL - gee wish I could be there - the boys are gonna think it's "AWESOME" and my hubby will have yet another hobby! (this man never slows down...maybe I'm part of the reason huh?! :)
Okay....now I'm all creeped out.....wish me luck!
I'll let you know how the "mighty worm farmers" do!

With all my heart~

Monday, October 25, 2010


I sit here at work SICK and working up the courage to take some daytime (liquid..tastes nasty...)cold medicine.
Even my boss is out sick - so it's just me to fend off everyone and give them the look of "really....do you want to be near me? or would you just rather re-schedule that appointment?" :)
About 2 days ago I thought...hmmm...this is odd....I think I have a sore throat starting! Then last night i thought....OH NO....I CAN'T GET SICK!!!
followed by this morning's....OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'M SIIIIICCCCCKKKKKK...cough..cough..sneeze sneeze...
The baby is coughing too. (and tugging a bit on his ear)
So.....here I am......my head feels like a bobble head on the dash board of life and I have only....7 more hours until I can go home.
Wake me up if someone enters the office will ya? :)lol

With all my heart-

Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's no place like home

Well we got back from a whirlwind weekend and then one day later hubby and son had to travel for work - they were only gone for two days (put in over 27 hours of work in two days!!!) but it always feels like an eternity. Oh and I know the kids don't eat as well when Dad's away (yeah....take out is really fun when there's only a couple to buy for :)and we really do stay up later than usual....and I usually rush to get chores done so that we can do something "fun" (probably not teaching my kids very well on that one...hm....)
But it sure is nice when everyone's back home together....sigh....all is right with the world (ignoring the sniffles that the baby has of course ;)
Click your heels together with me and say.....
"there's no place like....."

With all my heart!~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back atcha!


I had a blessed weekend - laughter and tears both flowed freely this past weekend....I got to see old friends and (darn the luck!!) I missed a few but that just means I now have an excuse to go see them SOON!!
Our time in the kitchen cooking for the womens retreat was LONG hours but the baby was SO very good. He was always on one of our backs in the pack - and he was happily content! WOO HOO BABYWEARING!!!!

When we got home I noticed a couple of the kiddos had sniffles - gonna have to start dosing them up with vitamin C and echnacia (NOT how you spell it I'm sure!)
Hubby also has a raging toothache - Yikes - No time to stop working and go to the dentist yet though! (Gotta work when the work is there!)

We had to come home a day early - because well life demanded it and work was waiting.

I'm in a bit of a panic now because is it me or does it feel like now we are on roller skates heading down a steep hill to the holidays? WHAM! SWERVE! FLAIL! GET YOUR BALANCE AND BAM THEY'RE HERE!

I peeked in at a blog yesterday about babies and accessories - that made me think of this pic. I LUUUVVVEEEE this pic :) Oshkosh overalls - Nike hat and shades - perfect little boy attire :)
I waffle back and forth on that with my babies - put them in "baby clothes" like footies and sleep sac nighties - then some days dress them in "little kid" clothes like little tiny jeans and izod shirt - LOL -either way there's a very good chance that it came from a thrift store :)
Heck...there are some days I wish I could dress my 19, 16, 10 and 6 year old in footies and keep them babies....sigh......tee hee funny mind picture...

Anywhoo I got back and scanned over the blogs I follow - I think a few are just there to make me feel crappy LOL - no seriously - you know the ones who have the life you (think) you want? How to be perfectly organized - bake your own bread -recite bible verses to your children - spontaneously "WOW" your husband - wake up at 3am go to bed at 1am - milk the goats - eat organically - hold bible clubs at your house - make your own herbal tea mixes - make your own soap - homeschool your 45 kids and never loose your temper. - Yeah those blogs :)
I LOVE the ones where people confess they're NORMAL people. Where we sorta commisserate together and say "YOU TOO??"
but maybe the others keep us striving for what could be?! maybe?

So I'm back - I missed writing - not sure anyone out there is listening - but hey I'm a mom - I'm used to that feeling :)

With all my heart ~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

many things all wrapped into one post.....

Please lift up a very dear lady - Tammy H. - We celebrated the birth of her beautiful grandson Aiden in August with many pics and "posts" on face book.
Her family is mourning the loss of that sweet sweet baby. The details have been sketchy but it appears to be sids. I have to tell you that is one of my deepest fears as a mother. (as I'm sure it is for every mom) Please pray for them. There simply are NO words that I can offer. My heart is breaking for this family.

Iam glad to report that Hurricane Paula is not going to give south florida any issue. This weekend is a very special womens retreat and our family will be cooking for it (meanwhile my littlest has a fever started....yikes...I always feel awful when they're ill as little ones - you can't explain it to them...they're just cranky and miserable - and therefore so is everyone else it seems!)

Saturday is Ranger's final football game! Wow the season has flown past! He is SO totally into sports now! :)
Gets up early to "work out" stays up late to go running - drinking the protein shakes and "staying hydrated" are his little universe right now - sure beats the options with a 16 year old boy though huh?!
We are very proud of him!

Our daughter is working more and more hours at her job - photo lab - good job but it was supposed to be 20 hours a week and they have her over 40 at this point.
Good income but NO spare time!
Then she's been at odds with her father lately because her daily stuff at home goes UNDONE and she gets into trouble for it.
As mom I try to keep out of it. (for now) we'll see how long that works out.

I was asked to guest blog - HOW VERY COOL IS THAT?? - it's like being invited to a sleep over as a kid LOL
I guess I'll have to think about what to say next Tuesday - since that's the first time I'll be back online! (YIKES HOW WILL I SURVIVE??)

Mucho love to all you in bloggerville ;)

Be back soon!
With all my heart! ~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making babies - part 2

Just an update on the baby dolls :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE making dolls :)
WAY too fun :)