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Monday, December 13, 2010

a whiny kind of venting post (be warned....)

Sigh...I can feel it - it's that feeling of a crack starting....you know the kind that runs along and gets bigger and bigger whether you pay any attention to it or not?
I feel it happening.

I am gonna crack.
Work has been draining (this is the understatement of the year...and next person who says "be thankful you have a job" is gonna get it! I AM thankful....that's not the point! ;0)
I have VERY sick kiddos at home (and perhaps even worse...) a sick husband...
My stove went out (a while ago but it's really bothering me now that its cold out)
There is tension at home
tension at work
it is the holidays (sorry..not tension free)
my boys went into a closed up cement plant's property this weekend and played on the "mountains" and equipment (of course pretending....but they were trespassing (and YES they know better) now we have to deal with that....
My daughter (who is 19) is currently being courted by a guy all the way in Ohio - which means a LOT of cell phone time and texting..and it's wearing on all of us - especially her dad who has said ENOUGH and taken the phone during the daytime. TRAGEDY!!
I'm the "middle man" between their (seemingly non stop)disagreements right now.
I HATE IT. Have I mentioned I HATE it?
I don't know what to say to either of them when they start the "why does she...How come he..." and it just messes everything up!
I keep getting disgruntled calls at work - things Iam not even remotely involved with - and having people yell at me (or even yell TO me) about someone elses mistake.
I'm gonna crack.
(One time I got really mad and told my kids "don't talk to me...I'm gonna snap like a cracker!" to which my kids at the time got very quiet (smart) but later laughed like crazy about..because do crackers really snap? really?)
I'm gonna snap like a cracker people.
Just a warning.


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