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I am a momma of 6 :) I have one grand-daughter who is 2 and a half and one who is 9 months!!...my youngest son is 6 months younger than the older one and 1 year older than the baby :) We homeschool and we are always on the go! I like to joke and say we are "addicted to chaos"! Long story short - we are parents of kiddos every age imaginable (almost) and like everyone else...We're learning as we go along! Thank the Lord...He's forgiving and LOVING - 'cause we're truly undeserving of all the wonderful gifts He's given to us!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

70th post

Okay - for no better reason than this is my 70th post :)
And it's a Thursday
and...I just really want to have a giveaway....
drumroll please..........................................................


The major "I'm from Florida so I don't get snow" surprise giveaway.

There will be three packages. THREE!!

Each one will be fabulous :) (like those wonderful grab-bags I used to beg for as a kid)
So...here's the rules -
1 entry for each comment left here.
3 entries if you or a friend are a new "follower" of this blog
(That would be 3 entries for you AND three for the friend if they come here because of you...!)! (just be sure to tell me in the comments :) OH AND TO MAKE IT FUN AND INTERESTING
************REMEMBER TO TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS ONE THING ABOUT YOURSELF THAT MAKES YOU...YOU!*******************************************
(like I can't stand ink on my skin - pet peve big time! I'd never deal well with a tattoo :)
3 entries if you blog about this super duper fabulouso giveaway and link back here.

Okay I'm a bit worked up now :) lol

So.......once again......for your chance to win....
I will be giving away 3 separate surprise boxes to three lucky winners!! full of fun stuff!

can you hear the holiday party music???
Drawing will be December 22nd at noon!!!

(so packages should get to you by the new year!)
GO GO GO!!!!!

With all my heart~ :)


  1. Hello I just came over here from Green Twig.:)I am a mama to eight blessings(so far).We homeschool and love to read as well.My oldest is 13 and my baby is one.You asked what makes me ....me?My baby in the Ergo makes me feel like well...me and without her I would feel lost.~Nikki

  2. What a nice giveaway:)
    Merry Christmas!!

  3. I'm a follower:) #1

  4. I'm a follower #2 I'm a single mom of 1 (almost-4-years-old) VERY energetic little girl:)

  5. I'm a follower:) #3
    I live with chronic illness.
    I have a creative spirit.
    I believe God has a purpose for me and, somehow, what I am will bring Him glory!
    (I know thatis more than one, but I didn't leave any in the first 2 comments:)

  6. OH YEA OH YEA OH YEA!! A fun giveaway ... I love grab-bags!! :)
    So, can this be comment #1 for me? I think I'm a little confused at how many I can get??! I'm slow, I guess!!? ha ha!

  7. BTW, what makes ME "ME" is that I must hang my clothes in my closet by color and lengths - as in shirts, then skirts, then dresses, etc ... :)

  8. I blogged about this:

  9. Brown paper packages tied up with string
    These are a few of my favorite things!

    NIce to meet you, Michelle! Conny sent me over :-)

    ~another mama of six but stairstep style (8-17yo)

  10. So, is that 3 more entries for Conny and me too?? =D Woot woot -- love LOTS of comments!

  11. And here I am again -- What makes me me?
    How about a first date with my Mr. Right on Leap Year Day, engaged 6 months later Aug 29, married 3 months after Nov 27, and giving birth ~9mo later to our first dd! (When you're 27/28yo, it's time to get it all done!)

  12. I did click "follow" -- looking forward to learning more about your chaotic world =)

    And as soon as I can blog about your giveaway I'll be back to read more!

    Have a great Friday!

  13. Hello this is Nikki again.I became a follower with the name goat09.:)We love goats.I was not sure how this worked exactly.

  14. I love giveaways...grab bags are sooo much fun as well.I remember I always wanted one too.~Nikki

  15. For my third comment???I am the oldest of seven.Now I need to go find some friends to follow you too.This is fun.

  16. Congrats on your 70th post!! I just love your blog. Thanks for visiting mine, love the tree story! And, hopefully pukefest is over....Daddy didn't get it YET! I cannot believe I just said that!!!

  17. Well, cool! I came to say hello on the right day. Hmmm...something that makes me me...I'm a list girl. The catch is that I make tons of lists and then forget to look at them. So the lists just get longer and longer.
    Merry Christmas!!!

  18. DRUM ROLL PLEASE..........
    box #1 to: Connie
    box #2 to: Nikki
    box #3 to: Melanie

    please email me your addresses - my email is livethelegendarylife@yahoo.com


  19. My son thought thought I was making him pick a chore out of a brown bag (as we have done that before :) lol - I think he was relieved when it was just names.

  20. Yay!!!!!That made my day.Thank you for such a fun giveaway.~Nikki

  21. I missed the giveaway. waht did they get???