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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry Christmas

or should I say MARY Christmas?
I often think of Mary at Christmas time (especially last year when I was about 28 and a half months pregnant)
What a good mama
What a sacrifice
All who once loved her then looked with scorn, or at best just pity.
No one to talk to about what she felt, nausea, heartburn, braxton hicks....
No baby shower no family celebrations.....
Just knowing that this beautiful moving, kicking baby of love inside her was going to come....to grow..to love...to die.
The very thought makes me cry.
As a mother we do our best.
We never know how long we have with anyone... with any of our children - all who are precious to us...
We pray it all goes well.
She KNEW it would end with his death.
She KNEW that tiny baby suckling at her breast was the savior of the world.
That as much as any mama would die for her child....this child would love so much that He would die for EVERYONE.
Even the ugly unlovable sinful hateful violent....me
Every boo boo she kissed....she KNEW
Every flower she received as a gift from her little boy
Every drawn picture
Every celebrated holiday...

Please Please God let me be a good mama - Please let me love unconditionally and teach my children to do the same.
Please let me always remember what a blessing each child is and to value the TRUE message of Christmas.

The ultimate love.
in a manger....
swaddled and loved...
come to love.
even me.


Mary Christmas.

With all my heart!~


  1. so true and to think that she was only about 14 when all of this happened!!!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL post!! It brought tears to my eyes. Isn't it wonderful how much meanings change and become so much more when we become momma's ourself!!