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I am a momma of 6 :) I have one grand-daughter who is 2 and a half and one who is 9 months!!...my youngest son is 6 months younger than the older one and 1 year older than the baby :) We homeschool and we are always on the go! I like to joke and say we are "addicted to chaos"! Long story short - we are parents of kiddos every age imaginable (almost) and like everyone else...We're learning as we go along! Thank the Lord...He's forgiving and LOVING - 'cause we're truly undeserving of all the wonderful gifts He's given to us!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's party!

OKAY it's a party! Here's some of the fun questions that are listed to help us all get to know each other........

How would people describe your personality? (If they could only use ONE word.) Are they right? Funny (I have a quick sense of humor...but that often gets me into TROUBLE since my "mouth filter" is sometimes not quick enough to stop what ever pops into my head from exiting!) I do think it would be fun to be a stand up comedian some day...just not sure how to go about that!?

What is your comfort food/drink? GOOOOOD Coffee!! (but can't stand the smell when I'm pregnant - so then it's iced tea! :) UNSWEET

Be brave – tell us something very random and weird about yourself.
I always ALWAYS make little bubbles fly out of the top of the dish soap (I call them luck bubbles and my kids now stand around to see it when I'm washing dishes! lol)

Do you have a strong desire to do something you’ve never done? What is it?
I am taking a HUGE leap of faith and taking voice lessons and working on a demo cd. :) YOWPAH!
Name one weakness of yours (confession is good for the soul). I YELL WAY TOO MUCH!!
If you could live anywhere at all (and take all your loved ones with you), where would you go? A Huge farm with a Huge Farmhouse (we're talking one that could house like 20+ kids!! :) anywhere really I guess..but it would be nice to see mountians...

Strange Talent? Can you juggle basketballs, put your legs behind your head or perform some other strange feat? As a child....I learned the alphabet backwards! So my kids like to hear me say it that way LOL

What’s something you consider yourself to be good at? (Don’t worry, it’s not bragging, it’s acknowledging a God given gift). Singing. I can't imagine NOT singing. It's like breathing for me.... :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT - Thank you LORD!

What is your greatest fear or strange phobia? Totally freaks me out to have ink on my skin....lol - would NEVER handle a tattoo well! Not really a phobia....but I can't stand it LOL weird I know....

Okay gang...this is just a few of the great blog questions from over at Lynnette's Blog Tomorrow - MARCH 1st (ALREADY!!) is the start of the "Thoughts of spring blog-party!!"
Great give-aways and wonderful bloggers all getting together to P A R T Y!!!

Zip on over and check it out!
Join in!
Tell em Michelle sent ya!
Have fun....and hang on...springs coming! YAY!!

~ With all my heart ~

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Parable of the talents

Our family has been thinking and praying and talking a LOT lately about the parable of the talents.
I have always believed with all my heart that the "talents" that were referred to in this story was not only the name of the currency - but also literally directing us to use our "God given talents" wisely & responsibly but to USE them!!!!

So....here's my question to you.
What are your talents?
If you were given $500 and told that you had 6 months to double that amount - but you MUST use your talents....what would you do?

I can't wait to see your replies....

With all my heart!~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A love story - in time for Valentines day!


Here's a local story from our home town.
This is a true LOVE story.I will print this off and take it to read to my children.....What a perfect story at Valentines day to remind us that love is so much more than flowers or candy!

love is patient
love is kind.....

I think it fits every verse in that section - don't you?!

With tears...
With all my heart


Monday, February 7, 2011

Free baby carrier

FREE BABY CARRIER!!!Enter the code WTE to pay only shipping and handling - you'll note we already have one of these and both Malachi and I LOVE IT!!!!
I can't wait to get another one!
They don't mind you ordering more than one free - just close out and start a new transaction - the code works again and again.

With all my heart -

What's your sign?!?!

It's monday - this would be a great way to start your week - prayerfully over this post!!!

I saw this(thank you to :Barefoot Childhood)

If you get the chance - read it.
It is SO very important to stop and think about.
What would your sign be?
That person in line, that rude driver, that quiet mom....what would their sign be?

I pray that the Lord helps me to remember...... you know that saying that was so big in the 60's - "Hey what's your sign?" not for the "horoscope" stuff.....
But to remember it for this reason.
Everyone out there is dealing with something.

Lord- please let me see their sign with YOUR eyes. Let me react to them with YOUR heart. Let me remember to love with YOUR love.

With all my heart ~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Please Lord...use my insanity for good......

The top pic is what I get.....
The bottom pic is what I want.....

Did I ever tell you about my amazing BLACK thumb?


How many times I have told my children that they should be grateful to the Good Lord above that I'm not the one who has to grow all their food!?

Now...a few months back I came across an offer for free gardening seeds....
oh how I LONG to be able to grow beautiful gardens.
OH how I have TRIED and spent WAY too much to have a beautiful garden.


I say that I am the "hospice" of plants - my home is where they go to die.
I actually feel BADLY when I buy beautiful healthy plants because I KNOW it's only a matter of time.....poor things.

Anyways..back to my story about the seeds....
All I had to do was pay the shipping and handling fee.
So I think...."Hey $20 isn't a lot to ask if you're getting a lot of free seeds - I spend that on Gurneys or Burpee catalog orders in a heartbeat!"

okay..now ....think with me...what does a pack of seeds weigh...
virtually NOTHING right?



My husband is rolling on the floor laughing because:
A. I am NOT the person who should order seeds
B. I have NO idea the size of the box he signed for only to realize they are seeds
C. We live on a lot (a small lot in the southernmost part of "nothing grows here" Florida)

So recently in the blogs I follow....I have seen where people are starting to plan their spring gardens.
I am now mailing off packs of gardening seeds to them :)
I pray that the Lord uses my insanity for good :)
That the seeds bless many many families.
That the few packs I attempt to grow - WILL grow! :)

Seriously - if you want some seeds - please let me know - I'll zip you off a mix of seeds!
I just sent off grab-bags of them to 6 families today :)
If you get an email from me asking if you want seeds - seriously - take me up on the offer :)

Please God...bless them all with abundance...

You just never know where God will send you blessings from huh?!

With all my heart~

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maybe it never gets easier.....parenting that is.

You know how you are so stressed out when your little ones are learning to walk....you agonize over each little bump and fall...wishing you somehow could do it for them - that you could HELP!
Well - I hate to tell you...but it doesn't get any easier.
when they're "tweens" and with growing pains - DIFFICULT
when they're "teens" and all the drama that entails - MORE DIFFICULT
when they're "young adults" and suddenly think they have all the answers (that of COURSE you DON'T have) and then come crashing back to earth - AWFUL

Maybe that is what makes us better parents with the younger children huh?!
Maybe we can look at those little bumps and falls and give them love, kiss the boo boo and shoo them on their way...because you KNOW that in the future they'll still need you to give them love...kisses and often...just letting them go.

Thank you as always for sharing in my daily adventures/learning.

With all my heart -