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Monday, February 7, 2011

What's your sign?!?!

It's monday - this would be a great way to start your week - prayerfully over this post!!!

I saw this(thank you to :Barefoot Childhood)

If you get the chance - read it.
It is SO very important to stop and think about.
What would your sign be?
That person in line, that rude driver, that quiet mom....what would their sign be?

I pray that the Lord helps me to remember...... you know that saying that was so big in the 60's - "Hey what's your sign?" not for the "horoscope" stuff.....
But to remember it for this reason.
Everyone out there is dealing with something.

Lord- please let me see their sign with YOUR eyes. Let me react to them with YOUR heart. Let me remember to love with YOUR love.

With all my heart ~


  1. P.s. - I am commenting on the post available at the above link only.
    I am not promoting the "bravegirlsclub" as I have not spent time researching it - I just found the post to be thought provoking no matter what!!

  2. So true. There are people out there who are hurting in every way. They sometimes lash out and are rude, but I pray the Lord lets me get by that tough exterior and see the hurt and pray for them.

    Thank your for sharing.