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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Please Lord...use my insanity for good......

The top pic is what I get.....
The bottom pic is what I want.....

Did I ever tell you about my amazing BLACK thumb?


How many times I have told my children that they should be grateful to the Good Lord above that I'm not the one who has to grow all their food!?

Now...a few months back I came across an offer for free gardening seeds....
oh how I LONG to be able to grow beautiful gardens.
OH how I have TRIED and spent WAY too much to have a beautiful garden.


I say that I am the "hospice" of plants - my home is where they go to die.
I actually feel BADLY when I buy beautiful healthy plants because I KNOW it's only a matter of time.....poor things.

Anyways..back to my story about the seeds....
All I had to do was pay the shipping and handling fee.
So I think...."Hey $20 isn't a lot to ask if you're getting a lot of free seeds - I spend that on Gurneys or Burpee catalog orders in a heartbeat!"

okay..now ....think with me...what does a pack of seeds weigh...
virtually NOTHING right?



My husband is rolling on the floor laughing because:
A. I am NOT the person who should order seeds
B. I have NO idea the size of the box he signed for only to realize they are seeds
C. We live on a lot (a small lot in the southernmost part of "nothing grows here" Florida)

So recently in the blogs I follow....I have seen where people are starting to plan their spring gardens.
I am now mailing off packs of gardening seeds to them :)
I pray that the Lord uses my insanity for good :)
That the seeds bless many many families.
That the few packs I attempt to grow - WILL grow! :)

Seriously - if you want some seeds - please let me know - I'll zip you off a mix of seeds!
I just sent off grab-bags of them to 6 families today :)
If you get an email from me asking if you want seeds - seriously - take me up on the offer :)

Please God...bless them all with abundance...

You just never know where God will send you blessings from huh?!

With all my heart~


  1. I will e posting picture of our starting our spring garden soon, and btw I'm sharing the seeds with my sisters and mother in law, your gift will be blessing many more family then you have imagine!!!

  2. Hahaha! I am laughing because I share your gift! My husband always makes fun of me. I am happy to say that I have a lily that I received for mother's day last year that is STILL hanging on. When it's all wilted and brown, I hurry and add a lot of water and set it in the sun. Then it miraculously comes back...I love that plant:) btw, my 9 year....had to do with privates...need I say more!!

  3. LOL. that is funny!

    oh well.

    I dont want any seeds. I have no yard.

  4. Oh hey, I'll take that bottom picture too. Any day of the week!! That's a lot of seeds. Good luck with that!! I'm sure the whole state could look great once you are finished sowing all those seeds.