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I am a momma of 6 :) I have one grand-daughter who is 2 and a half and one who is 9 months!!...my youngest son is 6 months younger than the older one and 1 year older than the baby :) We homeschool and we are always on the go! I like to joke and say we are "addicted to chaos"! Long story short - we are parents of kiddos every age imaginable (almost) and like everyone else...We're learning as we go along! Thank the Lord...He's forgiving and LOVING - 'cause we're truly undeserving of all the wonderful gifts He's given to us!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Oh this morning I came in to a dashboard of blogs I follow - and the theme seemed to be REALITY!
Now let me tell you I am NO fan of reality TV. It's because of those shows that the word "Reality" has been given a bad name! LOL
Yes...it could be because reality sometimes stinks...but...I digress....
So my blog today is called Get real!
I KNOW that thinking positive is wonderful - it causes beauty and love and ....yeah yeah I KNOW.
But there ARE those days when as women we just need to be REAL with ourselves - REAL with each other!

So here goes...
I tell my kids that if they think love is all roses and chocolates that they're sadly mistaken. That inevitably one day they will wake up next to the "love of their life" and think "HOLY COW HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" "I'M STUCK WITH THIS PERSON FOR LIFE??" I tell them that TRUE love is when you KNOW that's gonna happen and you ride those turbulent waves and ACTIVELY DECIDE to keep loving them. Because the tide does turn and you will eventually get the roses and chocolate kind of love (but really only if you GIVE that kind of love too!)

I REFUSE to let my kids date unless we have gone through the entire scenario of "IS THIS SOMEONE YOU WANT TO BE MARRIED TO FOR LIFE? LET'S IMAGINE......" Because - let's face it - that's the "purpose" of dating - if not - it's just to get attached to someone you have no business being with! - You'd be amazed how many "dates" were cancelled after this little exercise!

As the mom of 6 - my hubby is the better parent ( WAY more organized....they listen to him better....he says something and it's law!) me...I often threaten and then we all laugh at what I've said in anger. (Like the time I threatened to beat them with their own arms - yeah funny mind visual - not very effective!)

As the wife of 25 years we have had MORE than our share of crapola. But somehow we've survived. We are tougher because of it....but I'm hoping that like a roast....in the end it will be so darn tender you'll be amazed (LOL)

There are days when I want to run away.
I REALLY wish I had a best friend.
I REALLY wish that my hubby wasnt' ALWAYS right.
I REALLY wish I felt good at SOMETHING.
Anything....(well I DO love to sing...but it sure doesn't pay the bills:)

So - I'm not sure I have any "real" pictures - I probably delete those as soon as I gasp and look at them on the camera but if I do...they're attached :)
Okay oh wow ....in the christmas one I was 100 and a half months pregnant last year.....the other ones are just awful (real) lol - enjoy cause I'm deleting them as we speak......lol

With all my heart!~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This is NOT a before and after pic LOL :)

I started the first day of the "couch to 5k" running program.

First of all my life saying has thus-far consisted of "you only run if something is chasing you and even then if you don't think you can stand tough and hurt it first"
so....when my friend (also plus sized & anti-exercise) DID this program and now thinks of herself as a runner - read.....runs 8+ miles a day (WHAT??)
I thought ........hmm.....maybe just maybe I could try it?!

so yesterday was day one....
now I'm not so sure that starting it on a day when I'm all snotty and croupy was the best idea - kinda my line of thinking was "how could I feel any worse?"
UM....yeah...it WAS possible.

who knew your heart could beat that hard and NOT jump out of your chest?

Seriously though....it was do-able!
I REALLY want to do this.
I can't remember the last time I was even relatively in shape. - well ROUND is a shape that's true.....
I have finally gotten past "hating" the way I look - I am SO very thankful that God gave me a body that has birthed 6 babies - that is truly a gift. This I know!
Now I'd like to get healthier - be able to play more with those 6 :)

So.....I'll be keeping you updated - and you can keep me going (just knowing that someone out there KNOWS what I'm doing will give motivation :)
Wish me luck - keep me in your prayers - next stop - 13 weeks to a 5K!?
yeah...still giggle when I say that - we shall see ;)

With all my heart ~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


OKAY - I have to be the first to say I can't even stand to LOOK at the above picture let alone begin to understand why I just purchased 1000 meal worms.
LOVE makes us do stupid things I think!? Yes?!
My hubby & kids have their little chicken project going and I just read about how if you raise meal worms you can cut the feed consumption in half. Seems like a great idea right?
Except the fact that I would rather personally feed the chickens with a fork and spoon than even TOUCH a meal worm. GAG GAG GAG........
Yeah....the funniest part about it is though....my daughter will be home to sign for those ONE THOUSAND wriggling worms from the mail lady within 2 days (sorry mail lady - note to self...buy something nice for the mail lady for christmas this year...)
My daughter is going to freak! LOL - gee wish I could be there - the boys are gonna think it's "AWESOME" and my hubby will have yet another hobby! (this man never slows down...maybe I'm part of the reason huh?! :)
Okay....now I'm all creeped out.....wish me luck!
I'll let you know how the "mighty worm farmers" do!

With all my heart~

Monday, October 25, 2010


I sit here at work SICK and working up the courage to take some daytime (liquid..tastes nasty...)cold medicine.
Even my boss is out sick - so it's just me to fend off everyone and give them the look of "really....do you want to be near me? or would you just rather re-schedule that appointment?" :)
About 2 days ago I thought...hmmm...this is odd....I think I have a sore throat starting! Then last night i thought....OH NO....I CAN'T GET SICK!!!
followed by this morning's....OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'M SIIIIICCCCCKKKKKK...cough..cough..sneeze sneeze...
The baby is coughing too. (and tugging a bit on his ear)
So.....here I am......my head feels like a bobble head on the dash board of life and I have only....7 more hours until I can go home.
Wake me up if someone enters the office will ya? :)lol

With all my heart-

Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's no place like home

Well we got back from a whirlwind weekend and then one day later hubby and son had to travel for work - they were only gone for two days (put in over 27 hours of work in two days!!!) but it always feels like an eternity. Oh and I know the kids don't eat as well when Dad's away (yeah....take out is really fun when there's only a couple to buy for :)and we really do stay up later than usual....and I usually rush to get chores done so that we can do something "fun" (probably not teaching my kids very well on that one...hm....)
But it sure is nice when everyone's back home together....sigh....all is right with the world (ignoring the sniffles that the baby has of course ;)
Click your heels together with me and say.....
"there's no place like....."

With all my heart!~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back atcha!


I had a blessed weekend - laughter and tears both flowed freely this past weekend....I got to see old friends and (darn the luck!!) I missed a few but that just means I now have an excuse to go see them SOON!!
Our time in the kitchen cooking for the womens retreat was LONG hours but the baby was SO very good. He was always on one of our backs in the pack - and he was happily content! WOO HOO BABYWEARING!!!!

When we got home I noticed a couple of the kiddos had sniffles - gonna have to start dosing them up with vitamin C and echnacia (NOT how you spell it I'm sure!)
Hubby also has a raging toothache - Yikes - No time to stop working and go to the dentist yet though! (Gotta work when the work is there!)

We had to come home a day early - because well life demanded it and work was waiting.

I'm in a bit of a panic now because is it me or does it feel like now we are on roller skates heading down a steep hill to the holidays? WHAM! SWERVE! FLAIL! GET YOUR BALANCE AND BAM THEY'RE HERE!

I peeked in at a blog yesterday about babies and accessories - that made me think of this pic. I LUUUVVVEEEE this pic :) Oshkosh overalls - Nike hat and shades - perfect little boy attire :)
I waffle back and forth on that with my babies - put them in "baby clothes" like footies and sleep sac nighties - then some days dress them in "little kid" clothes like little tiny jeans and izod shirt - LOL -either way there's a very good chance that it came from a thrift store :)
Heck...there are some days I wish I could dress my 19, 16, 10 and 6 year old in footies and keep them babies....sigh......tee hee funny mind picture...

Anywhoo I got back and scanned over the blogs I follow - I think a few are just there to make me feel crappy LOL - no seriously - you know the ones who have the life you (think) you want? How to be perfectly organized - bake your own bread -recite bible verses to your children - spontaneously "WOW" your husband - wake up at 3am go to bed at 1am - milk the goats - eat organically - hold bible clubs at your house - make your own herbal tea mixes - make your own soap - homeschool your 45 kids and never loose your temper. - Yeah those blogs :)
I LOVE the ones where people confess they're NORMAL people. Where we sorta commisserate together and say "YOU TOO??"
but maybe the others keep us striving for what could be?! maybe?

So I'm back - I missed writing - not sure anyone out there is listening - but hey I'm a mom - I'm used to that feeling :)

With all my heart ~

Thursday, October 14, 2010

many things all wrapped into one post.....

Please lift up a very dear lady - Tammy H. - We celebrated the birth of her beautiful grandson Aiden in August with many pics and "posts" on face book.
Her family is mourning the loss of that sweet sweet baby. The details have been sketchy but it appears to be sids. I have to tell you that is one of my deepest fears as a mother. (as I'm sure it is for every mom) Please pray for them. There simply are NO words that I can offer. My heart is breaking for this family.

Iam glad to report that Hurricane Paula is not going to give south florida any issue. This weekend is a very special womens retreat and our family will be cooking for it (meanwhile my littlest has a fever started....yikes...I always feel awful when they're ill as little ones - you can't explain it to them...they're just cranky and miserable - and therefore so is everyone else it seems!)

Saturday is Ranger's final football game! Wow the season has flown past! He is SO totally into sports now! :)
Gets up early to "work out" stays up late to go running - drinking the protein shakes and "staying hydrated" are his little universe right now - sure beats the options with a 16 year old boy though huh?!
We are very proud of him!

Our daughter is working more and more hours at her job - photo lab - good job but it was supposed to be 20 hours a week and they have her over 40 at this point.
Good income but NO spare time!
Then she's been at odds with her father lately because her daily stuff at home goes UNDONE and she gets into trouble for it.
As mom I try to keep out of it. (for now) we'll see how long that works out.

I was asked to guest blog - HOW VERY COOL IS THAT?? - it's like being invited to a sleep over as a kid LOL
I guess I'll have to think about what to say next Tuesday - since that's the first time I'll be back online! (YIKES HOW WILL I SURVIVE??)

Mucho love to all you in bloggerville ;)

Be back soon!
With all my heart! ~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making babies - part 2

Just an update on the baby dolls :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE making dolls :)
WAY too fun :)


Well here we go again!
Hurricane Paula is out there lurking...UGH!
Does Paula have any idea how very busy I am this week?
3 days - then a womens retreat that we are cooking for - add in the LAST football game of the year - and now a storm? REALLY PAULA??? REALLY?
Just when I thought it was okay to start snacking on our canned goods that we had set aside?
Just when I forgot it was still Hurricane season and started planning the holidays? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING PAULA??
So..do I have all those great pre-planned supplies now? NO!
Extra diapers? NO!
Do I really want to add this into my already loco week? RESOUNDING NO!!
My guys are busily working to get ready for this weekend and it is already POURING rain. It is scheduled to rain ALL WEEK NOW. LOL
This is one of those instances where we'll look back and laugh someday right?
RIGHT??? (note the panic in my typing!?)
Happy Hectic Tuesday to you out there in blogger land!
Please keep me in your prayers - it's gonna be a wild week!
With all my heart! ~

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Makin' Babies

Well that sure got your attention huh?!
What I MEANT to say is I have finally started making handmade baby dolls.
I have ALWAYS wanted to do this.
I found a fabulous pattern - SUPER easy and fun too!
As soon as I finish him (of course it's a boy!)I'll post pictures.
Dave kinda laughed and made a comment about "adding ONE MORE THING to my already busy schedule" - but this is one of those stress-relieving type of hobbies - ya know?!
And who better at "making babies" than a momma of 6?

Happy Wednesday gang!

Do you have any fond memories of baby dolls?
Boy I do!
I had a baby doll called "Sandy" that I think actually belonged first to my mom.
Now that I think of it......
Looking back - my stuffed animals and dolls were ALWAYS in families!
There never was a solo baby :)only large groups - large families!!
Should've known then huh mom?!

Pics comming soon

With all my heart -

Friday, October 1, 2010


A dear friend (read.....lifesaving kind of friendship folks!!!)sent me the pic with the cat and the baby skunks the other day. It said something funny that made me giggle - something about having unwanted guests for dinner. I was looking at the pic and realized there were 6 baby skunks. I laughed and posted back the comment for the picture should be "did you ever wonder how you wound up with 6 stinky kids" (couldn't resist being a mom of 6)

yesterday my cell phone buzzes to let me know a text msg. has arrived.
My youngest little skunk pops up in the photo - literally! LOL
I just HAD to post for all to see.
OH MY how very fun is it to dress up your kids before they're old enough to run away(no cross that out...) scream and refuse(no...don't want to say that either) politely ask you to STOP!(yes that sounds good lol)


Be blessed!
Have a fabulous weekend!!
Go home and love on your little stinkers :)

With all my heart