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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


OKAY - I have to be the first to say I can't even stand to LOOK at the above picture let alone begin to understand why I just purchased 1000 meal worms.
LOVE makes us do stupid things I think!? Yes?!
My hubby & kids have their little chicken project going and I just read about how if you raise meal worms you can cut the feed consumption in half. Seems like a great idea right?
Except the fact that I would rather personally feed the chickens with a fork and spoon than even TOUCH a meal worm. GAG GAG GAG........
Yeah....the funniest part about it is though....my daughter will be home to sign for those ONE THOUSAND wriggling worms from the mail lady within 2 days (sorry mail lady - note to self...buy something nice for the mail lady for christmas this year...)
My daughter is going to freak! LOL - gee wish I could be there - the boys are gonna think it's "AWESOME" and my hubby will have yet another hobby! (this man never slows down...maybe I'm part of the reason huh?! :)
Okay....now I'm all creeped out.....wish me luck!
I'll let you know how the "mighty worm farmers" do!

With all my heart~


  1. let me know if they really help, we have 15 chicken and during the winter we have to buy more feed, cause in the summer they are grass feed!

    But I agree gross gag, but if it helps I will try!

  2. I've heard really good things about it...being a super easy and CHEAP way to boost the protein consumption and chickens TOTALLY LOVE THEM. We shall see!

  3. My daughter loves playing with meal worms. She went fishing with her uncle and that was her favorite part, which really surprises me considering she is a very girly girl.

  4. i couldn't look at the photo either, i had to scroll past it as fast as i could and so just the text was showing. good luck. :)

  5. Okay, now I have the creepy crawly's!!! You are so right, the boys will think it's awesome!! Your daughter probably won't:) Thanks for the follow (Sara @8aplenty), following you back! LOVE big families! Cannot wait to read about yours.