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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sometimes I don't understand

Okay....here's the story.....
My husband (who has SOOOOO much patience - seriously)
agreed to do a job for someone an hour away each month. (we have a landscaping biz)

Last month he went down...got over halfway done and the homeowner came out yelling saying he didn't want it done that day (already halfway done...um....)
So my husband was angry but kept his mouth shut and loaded up the equipment and the crew (this is a huge job so it takes 2 paid helpers each time) and headed out.
The very next week he was called back to do the job. They did it in full again.
Everyone who knows my husband KNOWS he's a perfectionist when it comes to work. (well maybe everything but DEFINITLY work! So each job is alway perfect when they leave.)
At that visit, the homeowner made an excuse as to why he couldn't pay but "would soon".

Yesterday my husband went again (new month)and as he has been praying a LOT about this man... they spent an extra 3 hours doing anything and everything they could. NONE of that extra 3 hours was included or agreed upon - but was FREE.
My husband also apologized to the homeowner for getting angry the last time. He told me later that he really wanted to treat people as God would WANT him to treat them.

Today I get a call from the homeowner telling me he "wanted me to know what a change of heart my husband had!"..... That he (my husband) had appologized and actually did the job correctly. "He caught up on the things he's been letting slide and it's about time!" I was stunned. He could NOT be turning this around! That was his "thank you"?!? He then said "You must have set him straight!" (WHAT kind of wife does he think I am??)
I told him "Dave's got a great heart - he goes ABOVE and BEYOND so often! - He does WAY more than people pay for and he does it with a kindness that I don't have!" He said "well I just wanted you to know he's getting straightened out" -
Oh Lord....I wanted to RAGE at him.
I wanted to yell and say "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??" You OWE us 2 months PLUS other money.....my husband does something so good, so kind and so noble and you turn it around to seem like you deserve it?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME??"
I am still teary about it (only because I cry when I am FUMING MAD)
Maybe when you do something nice and it is NOT appreciated it's the bigger gift.
I know my husband did it for God. I know God saw and knows and loves.
I know...
But as the wife it's hard to understand people sometimes.

Thanks for letting me vent.
~with all my heart~


  1. The Lord has you in a difficult classroom right now. He is obviously pouring out sufficient grace on your husband. As his help meet, you can best help him through this by not taking up the offense for him(as hard as that is) and join him in praying for this man. Your husband sounds a LOT like mine; hardworking, diligent, thorough, dependable, perfectionist.

  2. IT will all be made clear in its due time, sometime we don`t see God`s blessing in some situation right at the moment!