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Friday, November 5, 2010

If I know what I'm thinking...how come he doesn't? lol

Okay...I just posted this with only the title...I'm not sure even how to do that..but I'm NOW editing this.
I'm confessing this....to you....to myself...
I constantly think...."He does NOT listen to me!" (about of course my husband)
but something today made me realize....maybe I'm just expecting him to KNOW what I KNOW.....
Ya know?! :)
I knew we were on a deadline for something - I figured he knew it as well. I was rushing around like a crazy woman at lunch time - and he was in SLLLLOOOOOWWWW MO!
It was quite frankly making me crazy-er!
Finally I gave up in tears and he stopped me at the car as I was "LEAVING!!" and asked "why are you SO upset?" I sobbed the entire sentence - "I was TRYING to accomplish something on this FRIDAY - BEFORE the WEEKEND and now it won't get done till MONDAY...blah blah blah"
to which he replied "Why didn't you say so?"
UM......I'll be honest at this point usually I will make some off the cuff comment about "why don't you listen" but I realized....I DIDN'T say anything. He must have just thought I was rushing around for no apparent reason. It's not that he wasn't listening...it's that I wasn't communicating.

Does this happen to anyone else on the planet?
Doesn't it seem that we spend so much together we "assume" that they know what we know?
Ya know?

Have a blessed weekend my friends!!
Much Love

With All my heart~
gotta go appologize to him now (like swallowing dry sand) :)lol



  1. I read this in a book once and got me thinking about the way we women communicate and how men do it differently.

    A women wile in the middle of baking some bread will ask: " please could you get me that ting in the cupboard to put this in"

    Another women will proceed to give her a bowl to put the dough in, man will reply, what do you want me to do????

    So you'll have to say:" honey could you give me the bowl that is in the cupboard near the stove, it's on the middle shelf, behind the flour container and I need the medium size one, the one that is light blue."

    See how different our brain works LOL

  2. just had to stop by & tell you that I read your comment on Jennifer's blog about your poop story ... OH MY SOUL!!! You win. That is the BEST ever story (or worst, however you want to take that!!). :) God bless!! :)

  3. I just love your blog! You have an awesome sense of humor!! I tagged you. Check it out at www.8aplenty.blogspot.com