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Monday, September 26, 2011

Please pray

My grand babies had what they're calling an "accident".
They were unattended (babysitters were evidently sleeping or passed out)and they somehow managed to pull a dresser over ontop of themselves (HUGE 6' solid wood dresser)
the older one (2) only had a bloody lip and a huge bump on her head (no concussion)
The younger (9mo) has 4 broken ribs and contusions on her lungs with some air behind her lung.
She is in ICU
Please pray for her.
Please pray for me. I need either prayer or bail money (just kidding of course)
I AM furious.
Thank you in advance for your prayers for Jazmine :(

************EDITED******************** TO ADD NEW NEWS!
Emergency surgery was done yesterday to put in a 2" tube through her back to drain excess fluid that had built up around the lungs.
She will be in ICU for this week and then will go into a regular hospital room for a few more weeks of observation.
She is receiving morphine for pain and is not allowed to be held (!!)as a baby that's all she wants!! :(
Please keep up in your prayers!


  1. Oh that is just terrible. I will definitely be praying. Please keep updates coming.

  2. So, so sorry! Praying for wisdom for you as to how to help ... without requiring bail money. :)



  3. Oh I am so sorry this has happened will be praying...


  4. Oh my gosh! You poor grandma! Those poor little girls! Their poor parents! I'm SO sorry that happened to them!
    I'm stopping to pray right now!