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I am a momma of 6 :) I have one grand-daughter who is 2 and a half and one who is 9 months!!...my youngest son is 6 months younger than the older one and 1 year older than the baby :) We homeschool and we are always on the go! I like to joke and say we are "addicted to chaos"! Long story short - we are parents of kiddos every age imaginable (almost) and like everyone else...We're learning as we go along! Thank the Lord...He's forgiving and LOVING - 'cause we're truly undeserving of all the wonderful gifts He's given to us!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Swollen feet are sexy right???

My swollen feet and legs (aka "cankles") are sooooo uncomfortable. :( I'm going to spare you the

I know it's all part of the package at the end of pregnancy - but I can't help but
whine a little ;) Thank you for indulging me and listening to that!!

I am down to 4 weeks till the due date (which means probably 5 weeks till the birth)


I think that I'm about as prepared as I can be.....

I've been "nesting" for a couple weekends now - My hubby said "you nest and I get the 'Honey do list'!" To which I replied..."Ah yes but I give birth so we're still not even" ;) lol

Everything is washed....put out....folded....cleaned....and perhaps "ready" for this baby boy's arrival.

My daughter is helping get to the things I can't quite do - ie. cleaning out the pantry, really scrubbing down the fridge etc...

I keep thinking I should cook some meals ahead, but really my husband is such an awesome cook I hate to miss out on his cooking by having mine warmed up :)

Oh...the other "whine" would be heartburn. Sigh. Even water gives me heartburn. I've resorted to taking baking soda in water a couple times when I couldn't sleep (I know..the sodium isn't good...but we're talking DRAGON FIRE heartburn!!!)

I know it's been seldom at best that I get a chance to check in with you guys....but I DO want to say hello & let you know what craziness we've all been up to.

I hope to get in another blog post or two prior to the birth....
and then maybe some baby pics :)

Much love!
~with all my heart ~


  1. awwww, yes, swollen, pregnant-momma ankles ARE beautiful!!!! :)

    Can't wait to "meet" your baby boy!

  2. Just popping onto my blogger account to check up on you! It's good to hear that you are basking in those last few weeks of pregnancy rays of sunlight. Giggle! Keep us updated and know we'll be looking forward to pictures!! Love ya sweetie!! Praying for a blessed birth and wonderful health for momma and baby!!