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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

new nerves

a case of nerves.
that woozy stomach feeling,
yet no fear.
no heart pounding pit of my stomach hurts feeling.
but..some excitement!
oh and some overwhelm.
you see....tomorrow starts a new beginning.
6 days in a row of used "vacation time" to box, label, haul, lug, unpack or simply store until "later".
downsizing is gonna = super closeness for us.
close (did i mention down sizing? mini mini micro mini?)
So...today I have that
wild-scary-quantum leap "gonna jump" kind of feeling.
but I'm looking ahead at new horizions.
and looking out at horizions usually gives me a mildly sea-sick queezy feeling..
but now we get to dream much
bigger dreams..
all because we're willing to...for now...go to a
much smaller space.
It's really
just.. gotta.. make it.. through.. today.
tomorrow is a brand new day!
a brand new life really.
brand new.
but for now...its kinda
a case of nerves.

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  1. Moving, exiting and lots of work, hoping you all have a fun move :-)

  2. Sounds exciting!!! Our downsizing adventures just keeps on keepin' on. Wishing you all the best!! Keep us updated as you can! <3

  3. Um, you just sounded like someone I know! ha!! Enjoy your adventure! I'm trying to as well! Great things await us!!!