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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I cried for you today

You do not know me. I am just another phone call you made today to let "the powers that be" know that your baby didn't make it.

You were due last week and with all the excitement an dreams....you left for the hospital - only you returned home empty handed and broken hearted.

What could I possibly do to show you love? As I listened to your story with tears running down my face I had to be "business professional" yet caring.

Your husband is working so very hard to be positive and pro-active. Over-smiling and encouraging with words of "we'll try again real soon".

He means well.

He loves you.

He's hurting too.

I cried after the call because I had no words.

I pray that you have a mom/friend/sister nearby to hold you and let the storm rage. Someone who will show you love and give you hope. Someone who will allow you to mourn and sob and weep. Someone who will prop you up and help you to find your balance again in life. To confirm your loss. To give you time.

I have not been in your position - but I have had two miscarriages - short term pregancies that brought excitement and then pain. They devistate and somehow we grow stronger - more aware of what is precious in our lives. we do survive but we remember the grief.....

So my many prayers go out to you - my heart goes out to you -


  1. This was one of my first blogs. I picked this one to share as my "lazy post" because this same couple called yesterday to share the good news that they're expecting.
    They are SO excited and SO happy right in time for the holidays.
    Made my heart smile :)

  2. I cried reading this! Thanks for the good news in your comment!

  3. Beautiful.

    Thanks for linking up.

    The Lazy Mom
    visiting via Lazy Wed Walk from www.imalazymom.com

  4. oh so glad the couple is expecting again. My heart breaks for those like my daughter, who have lost children...and for the grandparents, because I know how much that hurts.

  5. this is a precious post to help us all remember the gift of life - however long it is. Thank you for linking up!