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Thursday, January 20, 2011

part 2

So here I was thinking...he's kinda a nice guy....
After a few more days we were headed home to South Florida.
We were now friends - yet still awkwardly since the entire time I worried that I was "FAT" like the other guy had said...so I felt badly that Dave had to endure such an awful fate (later he told me he couldn't have asked for anything better)

So we were friendly finally...but life progressed and it got closer to the end of the school year. The "sports banquet" was coming up. (we did NOT have dances at our private christian school) this was a HUGE deal.

Dave's friend who he went to the gym every day with had said he would take me. I was excited by that because this other guy was a Senior - and well highschool is a dumb time and I was dumb!
I asked Dave to see if "B" was going or not.
The next day Dave arrived with a HUGE SHINER (BLACK EYE)
He wouldnt tell me what happened but said that "B" would NOT be going to the banquet with me. Someone later that day said "Why don't you guys go together?" to Dave and I and we both just laughed and said..."That probably wouldn't work"
(but then we both were really thinking in our heads WHY NOT?)
Skip forward to the banquet - I got stuck going with "G" (yes the jerk from the ski-trip) because HE asked me (because Dave threatened him - lol - Dave told me later that he thought maybe that was what I wanted - and so he just wanted to give me what ever I wanted!)
THE WORST BANQUET/NIGHT of my life! Horrible! First time in my LIFE I was allowed to stay out till midnight and I asked to go home at 9:30pm!! "G" was with another girl the entire time and was making out with her in his car when I went looking for him!

The next morning there was a car-wash that was MANDITORY that we all show up for.
(I was probably still puffy-eyed from crying all night...ah highschool drama)
The whole group of friends decided to go someplace and listen to the music that night.

I went to a girl-friends house after the car wash and we walked over to the gym at the time we all agreed to meet up.
I still joke with my husband that I will NEVER forget walking in and seeing him lifting weights. "B" was standing there smirking and I never even SAW him. I was all eyes for Dave. (finally you all say!)

My friend Jen and I rode down to the restaurant with Dave in his car (the mustang he raced..remember?!) ;0)
My friend Jen said to me..."Do you like him? Cause if you don't I'm gonna go out with him!" to which I said "Don't you dare!" :) (THE LIGHTBULB FINALLY WENT ON!!)

That night he asked me to dance to Phil Collins - "One more night".... we were still slow dancing even after the music stopped. Our friends were floored! Our teachers were amazed and said we wouldn't last 6 months.

I have loved this man for 26 years now.
We have 6 children and 2 grand children so far.
I'll continue the rest of the story tomorrow :)
Thanks for letting me re-live all the "young love"

Stay tuned!!
With all my heart-
Michelle :)


  1. P.S. the black-eye was because "B" said he would go to the banquet but there would be a "price" that he intended to get whether I wanted to pay up or not (basically preplanned date-rape) They got into a huge fist fight (Dave won with only 1 black eye..."B" had 2) :)

  2. wow that is a very interesting story :-)

  3. awwwwwwwwwwww, young love ... glad you all survived! :) and Dave beating up B was such a sweet wonderful thing to happen - how God used Dave to spare you from an even worse fate!
    I too went to Christian school - we weren't allowed to dance either - which is ok by me since I have no rhythm!! :)
    Last night I had to face a friend whose marriage is breaking up (she is filing for legal separation) ... so your story is refreshing & a great reminder that TRUE LOVE does last if GOD is the center of it!!