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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Valentines day is only 25 days away!!!

Bet you've never heard the story of how my hubby and I fell in love.
It's a great story.
Our kids LOVE to hear it!

We went to Junior High and High School together.
We were part of the same "crowd" - the ones who weren't really a "crowd" :)
Not the rich kids
Not the super smart kids
Maybe a mix of athletes and "normal" kids - Not the "Cool kids" but more like the "we just don't care if we're cool" kids :)
We DID NOT like each other.
We in fact got kicked out of a few classes for arguing with each other.
Our friends ran interferrence for us - we DID NOT get along!

Dave was a football player - I was a cheerleader (for one excrutiating year of trying to be someone I was NOT!). To hear him tell the story he "noticed" me in 10th grade.
He worked out all summer break and came back to school all muscles :) (hmmm nice :)
I was oblivious - lol
LONNNGGGG story short..
I was a poor kid. He wasn't a rich kid - but our school was going to go snow skiing (and we are SUPER SOUTH FLORIDA HERE - this was a HUGE deal)
I KNEW there was NO WAY I was going to make it!
Well...an anonymous gift was given so I could go (come to find out later - he raced his car to win the $$) say it with me "awwwwwwww"
I had NO idea.
Suddenly I was going skiing! I borrowed most of the ski gear, but couldn't come up with ski boots (a pair just happened to be left by the ski-boot fairy on my front porch)
Now at this time I was all moonie-eyed over some other guy "G"...who you'll hear about a bit later...

So the trip up to North Carolina was super fun...
1 full day of skiing and clutz that I am - I blew out my knee.
Dave was the first to reach me after the HUGE wipe out and stayed with me until ski-patrol arrived.
Well - crutches, a full leg brace, pain meds and slippery ice do NOT mix - one of the teachers asked Dave (remember the muscle part...) to carry me everywhere. He said he'd be honored.
(the other guy "G"...said "Oh my God..I can't carry you! You're HEAVY! - I weighed 98#at the time - jerko!)

The very first day that Dave carried me around was Valentines day. I remember thinking..."he's not such a bad guy afterall...wonder why we always argue?"

Well....this will have TO BE CONTINUED...... tomorrow :)

But the post I saw Conny post today about it being only 25 days until Valentines day made me take this little trip down memory lane........
25 days that I plan on showing my hubby I LOVE HIM DEARLY - STILL.
(by the way we will be at the EXACT same place SKIING together on Valentines day this year)

Stay tuned :)

With all my heart~


  1. You got me for Awww to LOL, hehe!

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww.........
    now that's a love story worthy of a tv movie on Lifetime (not that I watch much Lifetime - but I do know that's where the love stories are!! LOL). Can't wait to hear more - in fact, I think it's a great idea for our bloggy friends to share their "how we met's" by Valentine's Day!!! anway, one more time - awwwwwww, what a sweet beginning!!!! (well, except you could have taken a little more notice of Mr. Muscles to begin with!!LOL!!!). :)