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Friday, January 21, 2011

part 3

We "Dated" for 7 months and were married (SUPER YOUNG) we did not "HAVE TO" get married (which we are asked a LOT) we were just young and thought we had all the answers. (He was 17 I was.........15)I know I know...It's just WAY too young to get married.
I realize that now.
I realize it everytime I look at my 23 year old
My 19 year old
my 16 year old
I do know.
I don't recommend it - but it was how we made it work.

Our first child was born when I was 17.

The first year of marriage was AWFUL - how we survived I'll never know - THANK YOU GOD!! Because HE really is the only way it happened!

So we survived!
We eventually THRIVED!
We have had MORE than our share of trials and tribulations - I assure you.
We even spent some time separated...that was when we truly realized what we had and what each other meant to us.
Our marriage has survived AMAZINGLY.
So...when Valentines day rolls around this year we have so much to smile about.
So much love
l o v e .......in sickness in health, in good times and bad
till death do us part.
We "vowed" it.
We meant it.
Now I am asking myself just 23 days away from Valentines day...
Does he know without a doubt? Am I a loving caring wife or am I a nagging harping wife??
Do the kids KNOW that we are a team....or do I undermine him by disagreeing with him in FRONT of them?...sigh... (yeah...gotta work on SO many things)
So.....23 days.
I am going to be joining up over at: Women living well


I have accepted the challenge (Thank you Conny)

The challenge to "Bless his heart"
I hope you'll join in the fun.
You KNOW it's win win of course :)

With all my heart!


  1. We got married 3 months after meeting each other, (we dated 2 weeks before Harry propose!) and after our first month of marriage we found out that baby#1 was on the way, so got preggo 2 weeks after being married, and almost 5 years later 3 babies under 4, life as been interesting, challenging but i wouldn't change a things!

    Yes you were both young, but I bet you grew together and experience so much together that the bond between you must be strong!

  2. Isn't it wonderful when God's plan comes together :0)

  3. We did things by 9s... Married 9 months after our first date (which just so happened to be LEAP year day), first baby 9.5 months later :-) {Let me add that our FIRST kiss was at the altar after we'd said our vows} But we were also OLD (27yo) and figured if it was right, why wait?? ;-)
    We've been married 18 years ♥ with our own share of mountains and valleys, but God is always faithful to help us to obey and honor Him.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story ... MARRIED AT 15 & 17. You all definitely deserve a reward for STUBBORNLY STAYING TOGETHER!!! :) Good for you!!! :) Apparently, you're just meant to be! GOD meant you to be ... that's so neat!
    I'm so glad you're joining in on the marriage challenge! :) NOW, go say something nice to your hubby ... I'd do the same but mine is asleep!! ;0)

  5. Awwww! I love a good, real love story. My heart is all mushy after reading these posts. Yes, I would say 15 is young, but it sounds like your marriage was certainly blessed and ordained by God. And, how incredible that you guys stuck together through thick and thin.

  6. melanie, thats precious!!!!

    michelle, we all have room to grow! i too married after knowing jeff only a few months...but its been wonderful.