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I am a momma of 6 :) I have one grand-daughter who is 2 and a half and one who is 9 months!!...my youngest son is 6 months younger than the older one and 1 year older than the baby :) We homeschool and we are always on the go! I like to joke and say we are "addicted to chaos"! Long story short - we are parents of kiddos every age imaginable (almost) and like everyone else...We're learning as we go along! Thank the Lord...He's forgiving and LOVING - 'cause we're truly undeserving of all the wonderful gifts He's given to us!

Friday, January 20, 2012


I had never heard of this word.

It means:
Enduring for all time: ceaseless, endless, eternal, everlasting.

I was researching to see what I could call my little flea-market shop.

I came up with "Amaranthine Treasures"

Iknow.Iknow. My husband says "Why can't you come up with something EASY?"
Sorry - soooo not me :)

Most of the goodies in my shop are things (treasures) I've found at yard sales
or thrift stores that I think are just too cool to pass up! Perhaps they are a wonderful item I have found, made or just recycled!

My flier says
Amaranthine Treasures
Where Adventurers Explore and Discover!

Then I have a quote (of course...everyone who knows me knows I LOVE quotes :)

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought." ~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

I made one look like a treasure map (good for guys)
and one is on beautiful paper with roses and butterflies. (see pic..it's blurry cause I took it with my cell phone...but there ya go :)

So....we shall see - this is our first weekend opening.

I'll keep ya posted :)

~With all my heart~


  1. I think it is a lovely name!!! The name of our church is Maranatha - somewhat close sounding ... but it always tickled me when a telemarketer would call & try to pronounce Mar-a-nath-a correctly!! One time someone asked for "Marinara Baptist Church" - LOL!!
    Anyway ... best wishes for your opening! :)

    1. lol We had a cafe one time and someone ordered a meatball sub with "marajauana" sauce instead of marinara! We all got quite a laugh out of that one.

  2. I like the name! What a fun adventure. Hope your first weekend is wonderful!

  3. Hi Michelle. The phonics book I'm using for Mary is called Alpha Phonics by Samuel Blumenfeld. But you can find one nearly exactly the same free for download from this link. I've used this one from online and there isn't hardly any difference. I printed it off and stuck in a notebook but seem to have lost it so that's the only reason I'm using this one. Here is that link.


    Just copy and paste this into your address bar and you should be able to find it. It's really a nice book.