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Monday, January 30, 2012

Adding insult to injury...

Well - My husband is home. He is not better, he is home though.
He is running at about 60%. I feel so badly for him - as he has so many things going on right now and people are understanding, but not really when it comes to what they want. (jobs that have to be caught up)(and even if they understand...they don't pay!)

Now add to that - our 17 year old decided to "move in with a family who can give him more".


At a time when our family is in crisis?

I reminded him that he is 17 (not an adult 18) and that who ever this "mystery family" is - they are harboring a run away at this point.
So...I truly believe that is NOT helping my husbands broken heart.

Our gang has been down with the stomach flu all weekend - so we feel bad on top of bad.

I just don't see the light at the end of this tunnel.


please God - let there be a light soon.


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  1. Sigh!! Sorry to hear this. I understand though. My son #2 (who lives in Hawaii) decided a week before my husband was scheduled for back surgery in 2010 that he was done with our family because we're too weird and he doesn't believe that bipolar disorder is real (that his dad should get off the meds and deal with his problems). He was newly married at that point and I'm going to assume that his new wife was a lot of the problem??? I was diabetic but didn't know it at the time and the stress of his "betrayal" shot my blood sugar up to over 500 and I almost died!! Yeah. So, I understand. You work your tail off and sacrifice everything to raise them up and then they go and do something stupid. But I can't say that I was any better at that age and I can only hope that in time my wayward children will love me like I love my poor parents (whom I tortured!!). I just don't understand these families with the angelic children, adoring young adults and grown "faithful" (as in not "back stabbing") adult children. :-( We haven't had many problems until there was a bad influence (usually bosses, coworkers or wives) in the mix. Perhaps that is your case as well.

    Praying that your situation will be resolved in a happy manner for your family.
    Blessings! Kris