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Friday, August 20, 2010

Raising Homemakers

As I peeked at this wonderful site - (because clearly I felt I did not belong there)
I was drawn to wonderful ideas. Ideas that will brew and mix and stir my thoughts for quite awhile. Is it too late to show my daughter (now 19) the BEAUTY of homemaking? WAIT.....Have I ever truly embraced it? It seems that our life has been one big whirlwind and our home has been a place of - Run in...do a lot...run out to do a lot.

What does it mean to truly be a HOME MAKER? To be the MAKER of a peaceful HOME? To intentionally infuse your surroundings with LOVE and build it upon THE ROCK so that it's foundation is strong??

Have I, in my striving for "structure, schedules and lists" missed the whole meaning of HOME? Maybe that's why I have NEVER felt good at it?! Maybe if I was striving for a cohesive place for everyone to feel like they could "land and grow"....maybe I would be good at that.
My daughter is so very helpful - but I know that the underlying "I'm meant for better than this" idea is in her heart. I want her to fully blossom and THRIVE - but I also want her to understand that there very well may not be anything and I do mean ANYTHING truly better than being a "HOME ENGINEER" I know that I have failed her in this. I need to prayerfully and INTENTIONALLY strive to be a better example of that first. (as it is so much easier to follow an example than an idea.)

So - I "subscribed" to that web site - Hoping that it will...1.) Rub off on to me and 2.) inspire me to LOVE who I am and who I could become. 3.) Cause the change to be a good example to my daughter. To show what a loving home-maker (even if I do have to work out of the home too) looks like.

With all my heart ~

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