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Thursday, August 19, 2010

praying for ideas......

I met with a woman today who is 92.

She and her husband have been having a "bit of a time" (her exact words) living off their (oh so tiny) income from SS.

At 92 she is crocheting "lap blankets" to make extra money. ("WOW" was all I kept thinking as she smiled and told me about them) (Oh and I kept trying to ignore that urging down in my heart - Surely God knows I'm not a "Sales person" right?!)
As I listened to her story (and argued with that still small PERSISTANT voice in my head)
I couldn't help but smile.......

My mind picture of our home filling up with "lap blankets" made me want to laugh out loud. (We live in the tropics you know...)

Well - soon I was thinking - what can I do with lap blankets? :) (I hear ya Lord...but I'm still a bit fuzzy on the particulars.....)


My hubby (whose heart is even WAY bigger than mine) said - "Get them!"

um..honey how many?

"Get them all!"

Tee hee - GET THEM! (we both suffer from insanity?)
So she's going to let me know how many she has...and I'm just laughing to myself (people are beginning to wonder)

This is somewhat like "selling ice to eskimoes" right? Blankets to people in the tropics! Ha!

So I am brain-storming on what to do with them. I am praying for direction and asking for your help too..

here's my only idea so far....

We have friends who are currently working on opening an orphanage in the Dominican Republic (but again...tropics!!) But maybe since they're not large blankets (3x3 approx)....I think it would be lovely for a child to have something to call their own - something made with love (by a dear woman who always wanted to have children but couldn't! ironic...)
We could get people to donate towards them .....and we could take them over in December to the orphanage (when we're headed to the DR)

what do you think?
Any other ideas??

Isn't it humorous the situations you find yourself in when you've recently said "Why doesn't God use us?"

what's that saying???????... oh yes...be careful what you ask for! :)

Thanks for visiting!! and thanks for your ideas :)

With all my heart~

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